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Transitioning to a Managerial Role

Mike McCoy, strategy consultant, investor, and executive leadership development coach; former President of Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Ina Purvanova, Associate Professor of Management and International Business


We’ve all seen it … an individual contributor earns a well-deserved promotion only to  become frustrated and fail to live up to expectations as a manager.  If you are on track to become a new leader, this course will build your confidence and help you avoid costly career or performance mistakes.  If you are already a first-time manager, the skills you learn in this half day course will keep you excelling. Practices learned in this program will pay dividends for years to come. 

This highly interactive course meets the participants wherever they are, from a high-potential individual contributor preparing themselves for the future to a current manager who desires to improve his or her skill level. Our workshop equips participants with the knowledge to develop relationships with a new team, benefit from best practices, set boundaries, hold people accountable, and avoid common mistakes by by inexperienced managers. 

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to transition from co-worker to manager.
  • Avoid common mistakes of first-time managers.
  • Leverage best practices for new managers.
  • Learn how to “lead from the middle”.
  • Understand the difference between “managing” vs. “coaching” your team.
  • Improve team performance by learning how and when to work “on” the system instead of  “in” the system.
  • Implement delegation basics for for new managers.
  • Outline a Personal Leadership Plan for immediate success.