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The Concept of Strategy—Goals, Value, and Performance

The course introduces the main concepts of strategy. We will examine the contribution of strategy to the success of both organizations and individuals. The course also considers the role of strategy in providing direction and integration to the activities and decisions of the organization. Discover several frameworks for identifying and describe a firm’s strategy. We’ll conclude by connecting strategy to the actual performance of the organization on a range of qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the role of strategy in business success
  • Use a framework for strategy analysis
  • Learn the evolution of strategic management
  • Define “strategy?” How do we describe it?
  • Discover how is strategy made
  • Create strategy as a quest for value
  • Integrate performance analysis into practice
  • See beyond profit: values and corporate social responsibility

Industry Analysis, Evolution and Strategic Change

This course introduces the main concepts of industry analysis, evolution, and strategic change. Understanding competition, its determinants, and its implications for profitability is a fundamental component for strategic thinking. Our primary goal for this session is to acquire a clear and deep understanding of how industry structure influences competition and what this means for profitability.

Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Framework is an excellent starting point for identifying the key features of an industry’s structure and understanding how this structure may influence a firm’s future decisions and performance. We will conclude with a discussion of how to envision and implement necessary change initiatives to position the firm for success in a dynamic competitive environment.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the objectives of environmental and industry analysis
  • Utilize Porter’s Five Forces Framework
  • Identify key success factors
  • Navigate the challenge of industry evolution, organizational adaptation
  • Manage strategic change

Maximizing Firm Resources and Capabilities for Strategic Impact

A firm’s resources and capabilities are integral to its strategy, as they help define where and how a firm competes, and serve as the building blocks of a differentiated and sustainable competitive strategy. In this course, we’ll look at the main concepts of understanding, assessing, and deploying firm resources and capabilities for strategic impact.

Course objectives:

  • Determine firm resources
  • Estimate resource needs for the short and long-term
  • Identify absolute and relative firm capabilities within a strategic framework
  • Align resource planning with strategic planning



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