Group picture of FPM staff

Kevin Moran                                Manny Toribio                           
Executive Director                    Assistant Director      
515-271-2799                             515-271-3157
kevin.moran@drake.edu             manny.toribio@drake.edu

pic of Kevin Moran for website               pic of Manny Toribio for website    

Jolene Schmidt                                 Michelle Huggins
Director of Capital Projects          Planning and Design Manager
515-271-3957                                   515-271-3790
jolene.schmidt@drake.edu              michelle.huggins@drake.edu

pic of Jolene Schmidt for website                        headshot of Michelle Huggins

Tom Borror                                    Aaron Edwards
Utilities Services Manager         Building and Grounds Manager
515-271-2713                               515-271-2959
thomas.borror@drake.edu            aaron.edwards@drake.edu

Tom Borror headshot                  headshot picture of Aaron

Mitch Wieczorek                               Tammy Eltayb
Custodial Manager                         Custodial Supervisor
515-271-2990                                   515-271-2707
mitchell.wieczorek@drake.edu         tammy.eltayb@drake.edu

pic of Mitch Wieczorek for website                     headshot picture of Tammy Eltayb

Venetta Hammond                        Brenda McNear
Office Manager                            Facilities Support Specialist
515-271-2706                                515-271-3955
venetta.hammond@drake.edu      brenda.mcnear@drake.edu

pic of Venetta Hammond                  pic of Brenda McNear for website

Waste Audit November 21, 2017

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Little Pantries install!

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To request a capital project use this form: Capital Project Management Form

Early in November, members of Drake Environmental Action League (DEAL), and a group of their closest allies performed a waste audit of Drake’s trash, recycle and compost initiatives.‌ Click here to see the documentation of the project. Waste Audit 11/21/2017

Click on article on Pilot Program Trash & Recycle

FPM TDX Update. Click to read the update.

Drake Staff consists of 58 Custodial, 18 Utility Services, 10 Grounds and 12 Building Maintenance personnel.

Facilities Planning & Management is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and grounds on Drake University campus. Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors while maintaining the daily operation of the buildings and the beauty of the campus in general.

Services we provide are heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical, locks/keys, grounds care, housekeeping, maintenance, transport and work orders.

Facilities Planning & Management: 1422 27th Street

Main office number: 271-3955

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM


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February 19, 2018
Drake University is proud to once again be recognized among the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars and Students.