Facility Services Key/Lock Department

Venetta Hammond
Office Manager

Jan Clark
Key Administrator

The Drake University Key Policy was approved by the Board of Trustees in 1991 and implemented by Facility Services.

Excerpts from the Drake University Key Policy

  • "Individuals will be authorized access through the issuance of keys for only those areas where they have a need to perform their assigned duties on a regular and recurring basis."
  • "All keys will be issued and returned at Facility Services Office (1422 27th Street). Keys can only be picked up by the individual requesting the key. Facility Services will accept all returned keys. Keys can be returned by anyone for anyone."
  • "A separate key request for each key is required. Incomplete key requests will be returned to the authorizing department."
  • "Facility Services provides next day service upon the receipt of a correctly completed key request. NOTE: A return date is required on all student requests."
  • "A responsible individual will be designated to authorize keys and lock changes for each Drake University facility and/or department."
  • "It is the department's responsibility to notify Facility Services of any name changes, key transfers and/or deaths."
  • "Keys MUST be returned to the Facility Services Office in order to clear an individual's record. Keys are NOT to be handed to another individual without proper transfer documentation."

For a complete copy of the Drake University Key Policy, contact Jan at 3775.

Facility Services: 1422 27th Street
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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