Things to know when organizing an event on campus:

  1. Submit an authorized reservation form to Brenda McNear at Facility Services at least one full week prior to the event. Two weeks or more should be allowed if there is electrical service involved or if the event is large in attendance scale. Last minute requests will cause scheduling problems and could result in our inability to provide the service.
  2. To contact Brenda, email her at . This is preferred over a phone call.
  3. Certain items are required before you contact Brenda. You must be able to provide a current account code, a contact person's name and phone number, the date/time of the event, the location and if there is a deadline for when the preparations need to be completed. No work orders will be written and/or no preparations will be done without this information.
  4. If due to class schedules the contact person is only available during specific times, and the times must be during Facility Services business hours of 7:30-4:30 M-F, please note these times in the email.
  5. Any damages and/or excessive cleanup will become the responsibility of the group sponsoring the event and will be charged to the provided account code.
  6. Before anything is placed in the ground on campus, such as a post, pole or stake, a locate must be performed to ensure phone lines, cable lines and electrical lines will not be broken. Brenda will contact the proper department to have this locate performed after you contact her. Again, time must be allowed for this function. Depending on location, it could involve Mid-American Energy and Mediacom as well as Drake personnel.
  7. If a tent-type structure is required, you will have to contact a rental company; Facility Services will not do this for you. We recommend Event Decorators of Iowa, 237-8282. Permits, fire extinguishers and exit signs are required by the City and the Fire Department. Exhibits Displays is aware of the code and will work with you. Keep in mind item #6, above, before the tent is erected.
  8. If electrical service is required, Brenda will write a work order and forward the request to the proper department. They will then call the contact person on the reservation during the times specified on the work order to finalize arrangements.
  9. Items other than electrical provided by Facility Services are: trash cans and liners, fencing, barricades and delivery of requested items. Facility Services does not have tables, chairs or podiums for outdoor use. We refer you to a rental company for these items.
  10. Facility Services has a limited number of fencing and barricades. They will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis.
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University News
May 20, 2015
Drake’s College of Business and Public Administration held its Graduate Student of the Year awards ceremony at West End Architectural Salvage on May 7, 2015. The college recognized four graduate students and one faculty member at the event.