Complete Withdrawals from Drake University

It is our sincere desire to make the Drake experience one that will make a lasting impact on your life.  Although we want every student to remain enrolled, we do realize that there are various reasons why one may choose to withdraw.  For more information about the impacts of withdrawing and financial aid, please click on the following links:

Financial Aid for Complete Withdrawals: how financial aid is recalculated as a result of a student withdrawing

Return of Title IV Funds Regulations: regulatory facts about withdrawing and financial aid

Tuition Charges for Complete Withdrawal: how tuition charges are recalculated as a result of a student withdrawing

Tuition and fees are not transferable to another period of enrollment (semester/term).  However, a student's account may be adjusted when a complete withdrawal has been processed.  Complete withdrawals made prior to the beginning of a period of enrollment will receive 100 percent tuition refund.  Complete withdrawals after a period of enrollment has begun will receive tuition credit per the appropriate withdrawal schedule. 

Students living in a residence hall should discuss adjustments for room and board with Residence Life and Sodexo.

A final statement will be mailed once all adjustments to tuition, room, board, and/or financial aid have been made.  If you have questions about your final statement, contact Student Accounts.

Credit balances resulting from a complete withdrawal will be refunded by direct deposit.  If a direct deposit account has not been set up a paper check will be mailed to the home address in MyDusis.

Complete Withdrawal Percent Schedules: actual fall and spring percentages used to recalculate student financial aid. (Due to the complexity of compressed courses including various summer sessions, a percentage schedule is not available. Students will be reviewed individually.) See below to learn more about enrollment changes to compressed courses. 
 ‌Fall 2016 Complete Withdrawal Percentages  Spring 2017 Complete Withdrawal Percentages

Law Withdrawal Percent Schedules are as follows
Law Fall 2016 Complete Withdrawal Percentages  Law Spring 2017 Complete Withdrawal Percentages



Enrollment changes for compressed courses may be considered withdrawals

New Title IV (federal student aid) regulations define any course that exists within a semester but does not span the entire semester as a compressed course (i.e. a weekend and evening course that meet for shorter periods are included). For compressed courses, a student may be considered withdrawn from the semester if he or she drops a course even after completing another course within the semester. For example, a student enrolls for two courses; three credits each, in the fall term. The first course meets every other weekend during November and December. In early November, after completing the first course and prior to beginning the second course, the student drops the second course. According to new regulations, the student is a withdrawal from the fall semester for federal student aid purposes and is subject to a Title IV calculation. Please note that the return of Title IV financial aid for compressed courses may not align with the complete withdrawal percentage schedule.

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