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Our program has been described by students as being Practical, Challenging, Interesting, Fast-Paced and Rewarding.  It prepares learners in skills required by Financial Managers, Investment Advisors/Financial Planners, Security Analysts, Valuation experts, Mortgage Advisors, Financial Consultants, and more.

The Finance curriculum is designed to give students knowledge of major concepts and practices in financial management while helping develop analytical, decision-making, and communication abilities. Our learners use Bloomberg Terminals for class, attain a Bloomberg Markets Concept Certificate, and have the opportunity to participate in an on-site case competition and the CFA™ Challenge competition while at Drake. This mixed exposure to technical financial knowledge and broad-based business acumen yields well-rounded graduates desired in today’s competitive market.

Our program is a CFA™ Institute University Affiliated Program which means that we “have included a significant portion of the CFA™ program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK)—including the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct—into” our curriculum. We provide our learners substantial preparation to take the Level l CFA exam. Moreover, with four faculty members who are CFA Charterholders, we are able to award several scholarships to students to take the exam thus significantly reducing the exam cost to them. When you choose to attend Drake, you’re selecting an engaging program geared at preparing you for a successful career.  You’ll gain hands-on experience and get to know your professors.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a few comments from some of our graduates:

“My most memorable experience through studying finance at Drake is participating in the CFA Challenge, in which four excellent Finance students and I analyzed and valued Rockwell Collins stock in a competition against other Iowa universities. Rockwell Collins was going through an acquisition of another large company at the time, which added a significant layer of complexity to our task. The competition was a test of everything I learned in finance classes at Drake. I was grateful for the incredible preparation my professors had given me and for the awesome teammates that I became very close to as we prepared for the competition."  - Sam Klann, Financial Analyst at MidAmerican Energy Company


“When I look back at my time at Drake in 10 years, I think I will most remember the professors. Each finance professor is so unique, but I have found them to all be really passionate about finance and truly care that their students learn as much as possible. Getting to know them has taught me more than how to do a discounted cash flow analysis. I have had discussions about potential finance roles I could have, what is going on in the financial markets, and the importance of integrity when I enter the real world. People do not always have the best perception of those in finance roles, thinking they only care about money. I have seen this is just simply not a true statement, and a large part of this lesson has come from the finance professors.” - Jaime Zaine, Finance Associate at Polaris Industries


“My most memorable and valuable experience while studying Finance was FIN 190 (Valuation) with Dr. Rozycki. The class was focused on fundamental valuation methods for analyzing stocks in the market by focusing on the actual components of a business, not just comparative market ratios and stock prices. We read articles from the WSJ and absorbed all of the info that we could from Warren Buffett's Letters to Shareholders. The finance program does a great job getting students ready for the real world because the faculty make sure to describe each of the topics with significant depth and understanding and other schools are not as lucky. Myself and 3 teammates saw this first hand when we competed in the CFA Institute Research Challenge versus teams from across Iowa. Our knowledge base, work effort, understanding of finance, and analytical mindset that we were trained to have from the finance program allowed us win the Iowa competition, allowing us to move on to the regional and global level of the competition. It was a great experience and it was all because of the things we learned while in the finance program.” - Jeff Konrad, Audit Senior Assistant at Deloitte

“My interesting experience would just be the fact that all my finance professors knew my name and knew who I was. To me that's memorable because, at most other universities, professors don't know who you are as a student or a person. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here at Drake. Even though the finance curriculum is extremely difficult, I learned a lot about myself. I feel that I have improved not only in my confidence, but also in my knowledge and, for that, I'm forever grateful.” - Ashley Dina, Tax Intern at KPMG


“The Brooks Finance Case Competition was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at my time at Drake. Not only did it help me think out of the box but also helped me work under tight deadlines with a team I had not worked with before. Also, Drake definitely helps prepare you for the job market. I was able to utilize a lot of my Bloomberg skills at my internship in Texas. I worked as an analyst for a company that manages money for insurance companies. Since insurance companies mostly invest in bonds, I was able to use my knowledge from Drake in order to dive head first into my internship. Overall, I have definitely enjoyed my time here at Drake. I think we have wonderful finance faculty members and I definitely feel prepared moving forward with my professional career.” - Ben Cole, Technology & Management Consultant at RSM US LLP


“Drake's finance program is practical and adapted to real-life job market. Drake has a large bank of information source in library and Bloomberg terminals, which definitely helped me to improve my knowledge. I once helped United Way to develop financial assessment and I utilized financial ratio calculation to give an appropriate evaluation of the company. Also during my internship in China, I tried to apply knowledge I learned in International Finance and in Seminar in Finance classes to observe the operation of the Japanese bank.” - Lantian Xu, Contractor at Global Atlantic Financial Group

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What makes the finance program at Drake distinctive?

  1. The CFA Institute's University Recognition Program
  2. The integration of Bloomberg terminals in student learning
  3. The opportunity for students to manage an equity portfolio, the Krause Challenge Fund
  4. Access to the strong financial service industry in Des Moines

The finance program at Drake is designed to provide students with knowledge of the major concepts and practices of financial management, while at the same time developing their analytical, decision-making and communication abilities. The finance major prepares students for careers in business and/or postgraduate work by educating them in the fundamental principles and practical applications of modern financial analysis by incorporating the use of Bloomberg terminals in the curriculum.

Drake is a member of the CFA Institute's University Recognition Program. Our undergraduate finance programs incorporate at least 70 percent of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge and place emphasis on the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Our finance programs position students well to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Finance. Also, finance students may pursue a joint or double major in other business areas including Accounting, Actuarial Science, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Management, and Marketing.

Program Size

Approximately 270 students are enrolled in the major and two joint majors. Average class size is about 30 students.

Academic Preparation

Students majoring in finance should have a strong general high school preparation, including mathematics and quantitative reasoning.

February 7, 2018
Drake University is proud to announce that it has been selected as an institute partner for the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.