2012-13 Honor Roll

Honor Roll of Donors

Membership gifts directly and dramatically impact the lives of young aspiring artists at Drake and in the community. The following list reflects donations received from June 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013.  Thank you for your support.

† - Deceased

Special Supporter - $10,000 and Above

Mr. James M. Collier (GR'70)

Ovation - $1,000-$2,499

Dr. Gretchen Bataille (GR'77)
Mrs. Doris K. Byers
Ellen Lacey Cioccio (LA'58, GR'85)
Jay A. Davidson and Margie M. Davidson (Jay, ED'70)
Mr. Edward A. Dziuba (LA'61)
Debra Bennett Lellbach (FA'76)
Rich and Diane Luze (Rich, LA'65)
Mary and Steve Madison (Mary, FA'89, GR'92)
President David and Madeleine Maxwell
Terry and Ann McGowan (Ann, FA'70)
John and Marcia Metzger
Carylann Mucha
Douglas and Sharon Pugh (Douglas, BN'90; Sharon, BN'90)
Bob and Jo Lee Scarborough in honor of Alice Jordan (Bob, BN'52; Jo Lee, FA'51)
Mr. Eugene F. Shewmaker ('44)
Sharon A. Simmons (GR'84)
Louis E. and A. Joyce Smith (Louis, BN'51, GR'53; Joyce, ED'55, GR'81)
Sandy Johnson Tatge and Bob Tatge (Sandy, FA'69; Bob, BN'68)
Jeffrey Williams (GR'77)
Jay and Carole Wilsker (Jay, LA'51)
The Donald C. and Doris K. Byers Charitable Trust
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
American Endowment Foundation
Sharon A. Simmons Charitable Foundation Fund

Supporter - $250-$999

Dr. Donald V. and Carol A. Adams
Mary Ellen Alt (FA'60)
Mertze Anderson (LA'80)
Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd E. Anderson II (Sigurd, LA'55)
Eric and Molly Bertch (Eric, BN'04)
Robert and Lynelle Bjoin
Lynne Boldt (AS'92)
Joanne Brown (GR'69, GR'80)
Leanne M. Buell (JO'84, GR'86)
John and LouAnn Burney
Paul and Colleen Bush (Paul, GR'94; Colleen, FA'83)
Bill Caldbeck and Diane Anagnos Caldbeck (Bill, BN'70; Diane, ED'72)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Callahan (Kevin, FA'75; Karen, LA'77)
Dwight and Marilyn Conover (Dwight, GR'80)
Patrick and Betsy Donegan
Dr. William Dougherty and Deborah Dougherty
Richard and Sarah Early
Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston (Michael, FA'76)
Dr. Marshall and Judith Flapan (Marshall, LA'59; Judith, FA'86)
Sarah Frank and Jack Balcombe
Joseph Freund
Nancy C. Gephardt (FA'59, GR'60)
Joy Giudicessi (FA'72)
Barbara Graham
Howard and Katherine Grossman
Gayla Harrison and Brian Burnam (Gayla, FA'83, LW'86)
Joseph R. and Margaret L. Jester (Joseph, LA'58; Margaret, GR'82)
Lori and Sam Kalainov
Winifred M. Kelley
Linda Knodle (JO'64)
Neil Kuehnl and Joan McCloskey
Teresa Lamair-Jenson (GR'87)
Andrew Lemens (BN'08)
Joseph Lenz and Andrea Charlow
Todd Lethander
Catherine and Ivan Lilienthal (Catherine, PH'79)
Linda Grosland Mabry (FA'68, GR'70)
Harriet S. Macomber in memory of J. Locke Macomber (LW'48)
Sharon and Don Marek (Sharon, FA'73)
Marilyn and Myron Maurer (Marilyn, FA'80)
Mr. Fred McNee and Mrs. Kathy McNee (Fred, LW'69; Kathy, FA'68)
Ann and Brent Michelson (Ann, LW'84)
Tod W. Milam and Linda R. Delaney Milam (Tod, AS'88; Linda, AS'88)
Akira and Maryann Mori
Mr. Mark S. Movic and Ms. Susan H. Skinner (Mark, BN'77)
Sarah J. Needham (GR'46)
Clarence Padilla
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen
Jeff and Joanie Phillips (Joanie, AS'88, AS'90)
Loren Pollet (LA'42)
Timothy Robson (FA'74)
Nicholas Roth and Joe Freund
Charles and Eleanor Rowley (Charles, FA'49, GR'51; Eleanor, FA'48)
John and Mary Kay Smith (John, AS'92, GR'00; Mary Kay, FA'91, GR'07)
Sandra J. Reed in memory of Jules Kirschenbaum (Sandra, FA'88)
Joyce and Ben Swartz (Ben, LA'55)
Bruce and Kathie Tenner (Bruce, BN'59; Kathie, ED'60)
Bruce D. and Janice Estrem Thorsen (Bruce, JO'70; Janice, FA'69)
Mrs. Patricia B. Trump (FA'74, GR'87)
David L. Twombley (FA'63, GR'68)
Kay Ward (FA'57, GR'77)
Jonathan and Emily Weaver (Jonathan, GR'09)
Andrea Westmeyer
Mike Williamson and Stacey Hoppe (Mike, AS'98; Stacey, JO'98)
Ms. Zoula P. Zein-Eldin (LA'48)
Ralph and Sylvia G. Green Foundation
Kay Elizabeth Ward Revocable Trust
Milton and Joanne Brown Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
J. Locke and Harriet S. Macomber Fund

Performer - $100-$249

Anonymous (2)
Dr. Janice Abel (FA'58, GR'60)
Aimee Beckmann-Collier
Ronald Bell (BN'55)
Benjamin and Patricia Bellus (Benjamin, FA'59, GR'67)
Annette and Robert Bierkamp (Annette, LA'78, GR'90)
Richard Black (FA'57)
Anne and William Boal
Adam and Rachel Boon (Adam, AS'01, PH'03, GR'03; Rachel, ED'99, GR'02)
Phillip Braun (AS'07)
Gregory and Susan Bridge
Theodore and Mary Brubaker (Theodore, FA'51, GR'54; Mary, FA'57)
Don and Phyllis Bruntlett
James Buche ('59)
Eric Butler (LA'80)
David and Tamara J. Byram Mahl (Tamara, LA'86, FA'86)
Mary and Crom Campbell (Mary, FA'73)
John Canarina
Rebecca and Peter Cartwright (Rebecca, LA'80)
Kathleen and James Coffin (Kathleen, FA'66)
Ruth Mary and Norton Crowell (Ruth Mary, FA'48)
Ann Davenport
Dr. Randall and Denise Davenport (Randall, FA'61)
Sharon Davenport (LA'64)
Ted and Ann Davidson
Scott Davis (GR'94)
Andrea Douglas (AS'04)
Brian Duff Jr. (LA'82)
Jim Edgeton Jr. and LeAnne Edgeton
Cassandra Elizondo
Todd Elverson and Denise Horner (Todd, FA'78, LW'81; Denise, LW'81)
Marilyn H. and Charles E. Farr (Marilyn, GR'66, GR'76)
Tom and Marcia Fisher (Marcia, ED'62)
Joan Flynn (FA'64)
James Forsell (BN'65)
Diane Foss (LA'75, GR'77)
Jacques Y. and Shirley J. Foster (Jacques, '53; Shirley, LA'51, FA'74)
Ricci and Susan Frambach (Ricci, FA'76)
Alleen Fraser (GR'56)
Leanne Freeman-Miller and Gordon Miller (Leanne, GR'96)
Daryl Frey (GR'96)
Nick Friess (FA'98)
Lyle and Patricia Galliart
Patricia Gee (FA'62)
The Honorable E. J. Giovannetti
Nella Hundling Girolo (FA'60, GR'64)
Patsy and Larry Goetz
Katherine Grevas (LA'79)
Jeffrey Grinnell (FA'78)
Linda Groenendyk (GR'80)
Mary Hahn and David Forgue (Mary, AS'93)
Wayne and Agnes Hanno
Berneil and Walter Hanson (Berneil, GR'58)
Don and Kim Hartley
Paul and Paula Hartmann (Paula, GR'91)
Alvin Hawkins Jr. (FA'63)
Cora C. Hayes (GR'78)
Kirk and Julia Hayes (Kirk, LA'58; Julia, '58)
Begie Hefner
Mary and Richard Heimbruch (Mary, FA'64)
Ralph and Gail Hodkiewicz
Terrance Jackson (FA'62)
Joshua Janetzke-Meiner and Michael Greene (Joshua, AS'96)
Richard and Terri Jedlicka
Mr. Carl B. Johnson (GR'94)
John and Debra Joseph (John, LA'85)
Diane Kebede (GR'83)
Mary K. and Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation
Suzanne Todd Kendig (FA'61)
Alexander Kleiner Jr. and Mary Kleiner (Mary, FA'85)
David Leaming (LA'85)
Henry Lee Jr. (LA'65)
James and Margaret Leonardo (James, LA'66; Margaret, FA'69, GR'76)
Ms. Babs Lieberman ('52)
Donald Lovell (FA'66)
Barbara Lutz
Dr. Edward Markward (FA'66, GR'68)
Myron and Shirley Marty
John McCaw (LA'39)
†Maxine Gambs McCaw and John E McCaw (Maxine, '41, GR'69)
Richard and Donita McCoy (Richard, FA'60, GR'61)
Nancy and Randy McGuire (Nancy, GR'97)
Thomas Mease (FA'84)
Patricia and Lothar Meisel (Patricia, FA'59, GR'60)
Edward and Rebecca Melka (Edward, JO'74; Rebecca, FA'74)
Mark and Ann Merchlewitz
Betty and J. Craig Miller (Betty, FA'72)
Dr. Wilbur C. Miller ('45)
Sarah and Robert Mitchell (Sarah, FA'69)
Carol Molison (FA'53)
Steven R. Montigne (BN'71, GR'74)
Polly Moore
Paul and Gloria Morris
Dr. Donald J. Morrison and Mary E. Nelson Morrison (Donald, LA'64; Mary, FA'58, GR'68)
John and Carol Murphy (John, FA'60; Carol, FA'61)
Phillip Niccolls and Tim Hedrick (Phillip, BN'90)
O. V. and Eileen Nielsen
Andy and Barb Nish
Pamela and Arthur Nolting (Pamela, FA'70)
Marilyn Oliver (GR'78)
Susan Olson (FA'64)
Lynn Padellford (ED'65, GR'69, GR'72)
Laura Palmer
Daniel Pickerel and Sarah Reever-Pickerel (Daniel, BN'02; Sarah, AS'03)
Joseph Piearson (JO'08)
Thomas Piekarczyk and Carol Graczyk
Anastasia Polydoran (GR'76)
Ralph and Doris Preuss (Ralph, FA'51)
Jane and Ronald Prinn (Jane, LA'68)
Deborah Reiter (LA'79, GR'83)
Dr. Peter and Merriam Rink
Mr. George Robbins and Mrs. Linda Robbins (Linda, FA'70, GR'85)
Janice Rubens (FA'65)
Mr. Charles Ruckstaetter and Mrs. Kristi Ruckstaetter (Charles, BN'77; Kristi, FA'76)
Tamara Ryker
Priscilla Sage (GR'81)
Mike and Susan Shepard
Gary and Patricia Shun
Dr. William and Ruth Staplin (William, AS'92; Ruth, BN'89, GR'99)
Dr. Carl and Phyllis Suchar (Carl, LA'74)
Deborah Sulzbach
Sara E. Sutton, D.O. (LA'58, GR'90)
Howard Tarko and Darlene Dartt
Bruce and Joyce Vandegrift
Dennis and Rosemarie Ward (Dennis, PH'60; Rosemarie, ED'68)
Joyce Wheeler (FA'69)
Lauren Whittaker and Frank Whittaker Jr. (Lauren, FA'86)
Joseph and Jeannette Williams
Justin and Jennifer Williams (Justin, AS'04, GR'08; Jennifer, FA'02)
John and Pamela Wood
Sue Wright
Larry Zirbel and Ann Carson (Larry, FA'56)
A. Ann Townsend Davidson Trust
Don E. and Phyllis J. Bruntlett Trust
Eileen and O.V. Nielsen Revocable Trust
Mary K. and Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation
McCoys' Music Center
The Coffin Trust

Friend - $35-$99

Anonymous (2)
Emma Akerly (AS'09)
Max and Maralynn Allender
Barbara and Cletus Anderson (Barbara, FA'57)
Gerald and A Joan Anderson (Gerald, BN'57)
Marcus and Mary Anderson (Marcus, LA'78; Mary, LA'77)
Jane Andrew (ED'72)
Timothy and Tricia Atterberg
Stephen and Rebecca Baker
Klaus and Teresa Bartschat
Richard Beatty (LA'81)
Beth Beenken (GR'03)
Martha and Dale Berry
Jeffrey Bertelsen
Beth and Leland Blackledge (Beth, FA'60)
Diana Blake (FA'63, GR'65)
Camilla Blakeslee (FA'68)
Jon Boyden (FA'77)
Dr. Robert and Mary Brooks (Mary, FA'74, GR'79, GR'85)
Dr. Stephanie Bruning (FA'99)
Peg Buckley
Madith Burnett (LA'67)
Michael Carbaugh (AS'10)
Melody and Jeff Clutter (Melody, FA'86)
Dr. Raymond Comstock (FA'58, GR'61)
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Conyers
John and Barbara Cortesio
Anne and John Cowley (Anne, GR'72, GR'79)
Robert Craig
Mark and Jill Decker (Mark, PH'88; Jill, PH'89)
Allan Demorest
Carol and Donald Dickinson (Carol, LA'54)
Julie and Don Dickinson (Julie, FA'61)
Wendy and Cary Diekema (Wendy, AS'04, GR'08)
Michael and Vicki Dubis
Cathy Eddy
Diane Eddy-Davies (FA'68)
Phillip and Peggy Ehm (Phillip, GR'63; Peggy, FA'60)
Marlene A. Ehrhart
Jonathan and Debbie Engelstad (Jonathan, BN'98)
Peggy Ericson
Lawrence Evans
Ted and Ruth Francis (Ted, FA'75; Ruth, FA'75)
Joel and Julie Friend (Joel, FA'97; Julie, FA'98)
Dr. Joel and Shayla From
Thomas and Suzanne Fross
Robert Gernes
Mary Gibson (GR'96)
Stanley Gill
J. Lorenda Glade
Linda Glenn (FA'74)
Mary Gliem
Vicki Goldsmith
Anne Gonzales (FA'68)
Duane Gregg
Christopher and Carolyn Haase
Glenn and Deborah Hansen (Glenn, LW'83, GR'83)
Larry and Linda Hansen (Larry, FA'67, GR'70)
Wendell and Lois Harms (Wendell, LA'73; Lois, GR'74)
Mary Havlik-Jergens and John Jergens (Mary, FA'89)
Sandra and James Henry (Sandra, JO'88)
Darren Henson (BN'96)
Carla Herling and Jason Nunemaker (Carla, FA'93, AS'09)
John H. Hess (FA'80)
Christine and Kevin Hibbard (Christine, FA'75)
Rex and Lola Hicks (Rex, FA'54, GR'56)
†Herndon and Martha Hippee (Herndon, LA'50)
Beth Hirst (FA'77)
Bette and Robert Hodson (Bette, FA'62)
Susan and Roger Hudson (Susan, FA'60)
Clyde Hupton (FA'68)
Joan Husak (FA'57)
Ellen Inman (FA'65)
Joan Jamison (FA'59, GR'88)
Chris Killough (BN'84)
Gerald and Sandra Kinney (Gerald, FA'53, GR'61)
Hugh and Julie Kirsch
Dean and Barbara Kirschner (Dean, BN'75; Barbara, FA'77)
Kevin and Peggy Kraus
Mark and Debra Kretschmer
Scott and Catherine Kubie (Scott, JO'06; Catherine, AS'07)
John Kyd
Douglas Lampe and Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe (Douglas, BN'87; Jennifer, AS'94, LW'96)
Joanne and Larry Lee (Joanne, FA'58)
Jack Leonard (FA'80)
Drs. Lisa Leonhart-Lin and Drs. Michael Lin (Lisa, AS'90, FA'90)
Rachael Lindhart (FA'64)
Jeffrey Lowry (AS'88)
Eileen Lundberg
Lisbeth Lurey and Mark Titus (Lisbeth, FA'74)
Joan Mannheimer (ED'48, GR'66)
William Manning (FA'54, GR'57)
Natasha McCombs (FA'84)
Samuel and Natalie McCracken (Samuel, LA'57; Natalie, FA'57)
Elizabeth McGraw (FA'60)
Howard and Beatrice McKindra
William and Dian Meek
Ned Miller and Maggie McGill (Ned, LA'59; Maggie, ED'68, GR'80)
Sterling Mische (GR'52)
Donald and Gloria Moon
†Harry Morel Sr. (GR'46)
James and Janet Morris
Elizabeth Myers
Karen Nicholson
Lisa and Steven Noble (Lisa, BN'85)
Catherine Paardekooper (LA'70, GR'94)
Diane Parisi and Michael Robinson (Diane, FA'78)
Jane Petri
Mary and James Piazza
Lawrence Pincsak and Joanne Zienty
Lowell E. Plavec (LA'70)
Joel and Josefa Poppen
Betty Porter
Martha Recknor (FA'79)
Judith and Al Rellstab (Judith, FA'63)
L.K. and Deborah Reynolds
Megan Riggs (FA'03)
Marjorie and Charles Ringwalt (Marjorie, '56)
Laurayne Robinette (FA'52)
Vicki and Joseph Roy (Vicki, FA'77)
Elizabeth and Kevin Ryan (Elizabeth, JO'85)
Anne and Michael Sabotta (Anne, ED'92)
Julianne and Michael Sarcone (Julianne, PH'92)
Thomas Senn and Karen Conlon
Cheryl and Wesley Siebrass (Cheryl, FA'77, GR'95)
Tom and Barbara Sletto
Shelley and William Sobey (Shelley, FA'71)
Joyce and Laird Spaulding (Joyce, FA'58)
Joyce Stasi (FA'74, GR'89)
Rachel Stauffer
Reverend Donna and Paul Steiner (Donna, FA'59)
Cheryl and Gene Svedarsky (Cheryl, FA'71)
Steve Swanson (FA'64, GR'65)
Warren Taylor (JO'70)
Harold and Joyce Templeman (Joyce, GR'64)
Robert Thelen (GR'73)
Karen and Christopher Thielman (Karen, FA'82)
Linda Torres (FA'63)
Dr. Van and Becky Vahle
Janis and Tony Van Hasselt (Janis, LA'61)
Sarah and Shane Van Waardhuizen (Sarah, AS'04)
Ronald and Joyce Vierling (Ronald, FA'64)
Richard and Dorothy Walters (Richard, LA'47; Dorothy, '49)
William and Carolyn Wehrmacher
Patricia Westphal
Dolores Willemsen (LA'81)
Robert and Jean Williams (Robert, LW'67)
Davies Communications, Inc.


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August 21, 2014
The Comparison Project at Drake University will kick off its 2014–2015 programming with a meditation workshop on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 9 a.m.–noon.