2014-15 Honor Roll

Friends of Drake Arts Honor Roll of Donors

This nationwide organization fosters and enriches music, theatre arts and visual arts at Drake University. Friends of Drake Arts support the future of art by creating an exceptional environment for a new generation of artists, actors and musicians to grow by learning and performing. Gifts from Friends of Drake Arts have been included in the University’s Drake Fund since 1993.

Note – this list reflects gifts made to support Friends of Drake Arts from July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

† - Deceased
§ - President’s Circle Member
± - Old Main Member

Anonymous (3)
Jeffrey and Catherine Aagaard
Dr. Donald V. and Carol A. Adams§±
Emma Akerly (AS'09)
Jeffrey and Jean Akerly§
Paul Andersen, PhD (FA'60)
Barbara and Cletus Anderson (Barbara, FA'57)
Marcus and Mary Anderson (Marcus, LA'78; Mary, LA'77)
Mertze Anderson (LA'80)§±
Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd E. Anderson II (Sigurd, LA'55)§±
Jane Andrew (ED'72)
Timothy and Tricia Atterberg
Sally Bartlett±
Caroline and John Barzen (Caroline, LA'79)
Aimee Beckmann-Collier
Debra Bennett Lellbach (FA'76)§
Mr. Thomas L. Berkey (BN'64)§
Eric and Molly Bertch (Eric, BN'04)§
Jeffrey Bertelsen
Diana Blake (FA'63, GR'65)
Camilla Blakeslee (FA'68)
Lynne Boldt (AS'92)
Kenneth and Cynthia Bonus (Kenneth, GR'91)
Harry Bookey and Pamela Bass-Bookey§
Craig and Andrea Bovard
Phillip Braun (AS'07)
Gregory and Susan Bridge±
Jill and Steve Brimeyer
Dean Brooks (LA'71)
Mary Brooks (FA'74, GR'79, GR'85)±
Joanne Brown (GR'69, GR'80)§
Joanne and †Milton Brown§
Thomas and Michele Brown
Don and Phyllis Bruntlett
Leanne M. Buell (JO'84, GR'86)§±
Drs. Frank and Ruth Bures (Frank, FA'65; Ruth, FA'67)
Eric Butler (LA'80)
Mrs. Doris K. Byers§
David and Tamara J. Byram Mahl (Tamara, LA'86, FA'86)§
Bill Caldbeck and Diane Anagnos Caldbeck (Bill, BN'70; Diane, ED'72)§±
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Callahan (Kevin, FA'75; Karen, LA'77)§
Mary and Crom Campbell (Mary, FA'73)
John Canarina
Michael and Anita Canney
Gene and Jayne Carlson (Gene, PH'75; Jayne, FA'74)
Sandra and Everette Carroll (Sandra, FA'77)
Barbara Carson
Sandra Champion
Elizabeth Chiarello
Ellen Lacey Cioccio (LA'58, GR'85)§
Kathleen and James Coffin (Kathleen, FA'66)
Elizabeth Coil
Mr. James M. Collier (GR'70)§±
Dwight and Marilyn Conover§
George Cordaro (FA'56)
The Honorable Joy Corning
John and Barbara Cortesio
Merri and David Cory (Merri, FA'86)
K. and John Cowley (K., GR'72, GR'79)
David Crawford (BN'62)
Dr. Camille Crittenden (FA'90)
Jean and Robert Dahlinger (Jean, FA'50)
Sharon Davenport (LA'64)
Jay A. Davidson and Margie M. Davidson (Jay, ED'70)§±
Kay De Cook
Allan Demorest
Ethelee Dixon ('54)
Corey Dossett and Dana Gustafson Dossett (Corey, PH'09, GR'09; Dana, AS'09)
Dr. William Dougherty and Deborah Dougherty§±
Michael and Vicki Dubis
Lyle Dye (FA'55)
Mr. Edward A. Dziuba (LA'61)§
Richard and Sarah Early
Cathy Eddy
Diane Eddy-Davies (FA'68)
Jim Edgeton Jr. and LeAnne Edgeton
Marlene A. Ehrhart
Jon Ekstrand (ED'71)
Kay and Dr. Stephen Elliott
Bennett Ely
Judith Eschweiler (FA'72)
Jean and Darlene Evers (Jean, FA'51; Darlene, FA'51)
Jennifer Fah (JO'95)
Dagni and James Falvey
Marilyn H. and Charles E. Farr (Marilyn, GR'66, GR'76)§±
Alice and Marvin Fintel (Alice, FA'51)
Julie Fisher
Tom and Marcia Fisher (Marcia, ED'62)
Sally and Clair Fisher (Sally, GR'78)
Dr. Marshall and Judith Flapan (Marshall, LA'59; Judith, FA'86)§±
Loretta and Jerry Fleming (Loretta, AS'87)
Joan and Peter Flynn (Joan, FA'64)
Diane Foss and Michael Miller (Diane, LA'75, GR'77)
Ted and Ruth Francis (Ted, FA'75; Ruth, FA'75)
Susan Franck (FA'63)
Beverly and James Frank (Beverly, ED'70, GR'86)
Dr. Kent and Judith Frank (Kent, GR'83; Judith, GR'89)
Sarah Frank and Jack Balcombe
Alleen and Jefferson Fraser (Alleen, GR'56)
Dr. Jann Freed and John Fisher (Jann, GR'81)
Dallas and Carla Freeman
Alice and Dr. David Friedgood (Alice, AS'93)
Joel and Julie Friend (Joel, FA'97; Julie, FA'98)
Dr. Joel and Shayla From (Joel, '76)
Mr. Richard L. Gabriel and Ms. Jill Wichlens
John Gallo
Amy and Reverend Brown Garlock (Amy, '54)
Kathy Gedler
Nancy C. Gephardt (FA'59, GR'60)
Robert Gernes
Nella Hundling Girolo (FA'60, GR'64)
Joy Giudicessi (FA'72)
Margaret and Michael Glasscock (Margaret, FA'72)
Patsy and Dr. Larry Goetz
Vicki Goldsmith
Anne Gonzales (FA'68)
Marshall L. and Jerry Grabau
Carl Grant and Marcene Grant
Ann and Dr. Fred Green (Ann, FA'63)
Grace Green-Dickerson and Thaine Green (Grace, ED'62, GR'67)
Duane Gregg
Mathew Greiner (FA'98)
Linda Groenendyk (GR'80)
Howard and Katherine Grossman
Todd and Gail Hagen
Mary Hahn and David Forgue (Mary, AS'93)
Jennifer Hall (AS'09)
A Ruth Harris
Don and Kim Hartley
Mary Havlik-Jergens and John Jergens (Mary, FA'89)
Alvin Hawkins Jr. (FA'63)
Karen Hawkins (BN'66)
Cora C. Hayes (GR'78)§±
Kirk and Julia Hayes (Kirk, LA'58; Julia, '58)§
Begie Hefner
Erin and Thomas Hefner (Erin, GR'94)
Lynn Heggen
Mary and Richard Heimbruch (Mary, FA'64)
Dorothy and Thomas Hennessy (Dorothy, FA'50)
Darren Henson (BN'96)
Marcia Langenberg Heronimus (FA'62)
Christine and Kevin Hibbard (Christine, FA'75)
Rex and Lola Hicks (Rex, FA'54, GR'56)
Beth Hirst and Blake Hooper (Beth, FA'77)
Ralph and Gail Hodkiewicz
Griffin Hoffmann (AS'10)
Arthur and Janelle Holcomb (Arthur, GR'82)
Don Ireland-Schunicht and Ginger Ireland Schunicht
Terrance Jackson (FA'62)
Laura and Roger Jacobsen (Laura, JO'91)
Joan Jamison (FA'59, GR'88)
Michael and Christine Janove (Michael, FA'71)
Susan and Norm Jensen (Susan, FA'58)
Angela Johnson
Russ and Lucile Johnson (Russ, PH'52)§
Walter Johnson
Dr. Wayne Kallstrom (FA'66)
Diane Kasdorf (FA'50)
Miriam Kass
Katherine and Dr. Allen Kaufman
Diane Kebede (GR'83)
Winifred M. Kelley§±
Suzanne Todd Kendig (FA'61)
Richard Kilker
Chris Killough (BN'84)
Gerald and Sandra Kinney (Gerald, FA'53, GR'61)
Adele Kirkpatrick
Alexander Kleiner Jr. and Mary Kleiner (Mary, FA'85)
Linda Knodle (JO'64)
Leona Knorr
Betty Koch (FA'51)
Nancy and Harry Koehler (Nancy, FA'68)
Lowell Kramme (LA'56)
Mark and Debra Kretschmer
John Kyd
Joseph and Ruth Lakers (Joseph, GR'72)
Douglas Lampe and Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe (Douglas, BN'87; Jennifer, AS'94, LW'96)±
James and Lucinda Lamson (James, GR'72; Lucinda, FA'66, GR'88)
C. Robert and Marjorie Langbehn (C, ED'50, GR'60; Marjorie, ED'48, ED'50)
Kathleen Le Blanc (FA'55)
David Leaming (LA'85)
Henry Lee Jr. (LA'65)
Joanne and Larry Lee (Joanne, FA'58)
Joseph Lenz and Andrea Charlow§±
Debra and Reid Leonard
James and Margaret Leonardo (James, LA'66; Margaret, FA'69, GR'76)
Drs. Lisa Leonhart-Lin and Michael Lin (Lisa, AS'90, FA'90)
Ms. Babs Lieberman ('52)
Marilyn Lindgren
†Alfred Lipsey (FA'40)
Carolyn and Steven Looney (Carolyn, FA'73, GR'00)
Sharon Loring-Pommer and David Pommer
Barbara Lutz
Rich and Diane Luze (Rich, LA'65)§
The Honorable Ellen L. Maas Pratt and Leonard W. Pratt (Ellen, LA'78)
Linda Grosland Mabry (FA'68, GR'70)
Linda Madden (LA'68)
Joan Mannheimer (ED'48, GR'66)
William Manning (FA'54, GR'57)
Sherri and Brian Marceau (Sherri, GR'94)
Sharon and Don Marek (Sharon, FA'73)
Dr. Edward Markward and Diana McVey (Edward, FA'66, GR'68)
Sandy Marshall II (AS'96)§
Myron and Shirley Marty§
President David and Madeleine Maxwell§±
Elizabeth McGraw (FA'60)
Nancy and Randy McGuire (Nancy, GR'97)
Max and Candice McMains
Mr. Fred McNee and Mrs. Kathy McNee (Fred, LW'69; Kathy, FA'68)§
Thomas Mease (FA'84)
Patricia and Lothar Meisel (Patricia, FA'59, GR'60)
Edward and Rebecca Melka (Edward, JO'74; Rebecca, FA'74)
Alinda and Edward Michael (Alinda, GR'70)
Tod W. Milam and Linda R. Delaney Milam (Tod, AS'88; Linda, AS'88)§
Charles Miller
Ned Miller and Maggie McGill (Ned, LA'59; Maggie, ED'68, GR'80)
Ms. Judith Milligan (FA'68)§
Carol Molison (FA'53)
Steven R. Montigne (BN'71, GR'74)§
Charlotte Morgan (FA'58)
Mary Morling
Dr. Donald J. Morrison and Mary E. Nelson Morrison (Donald, LA'64; Mary, FA'58, GR'68)
Mr. Mark S. Movic and Ms. Susan H. Skinner (Mark, BN'77)§±
Carylann Mucha§
Robert and Tracy Mullen (Robert, LW'78)
Cynthia Murphy
John and Carol Murphy (John, FA'60; Carol, FA'61)
Maryan Nadel
Sarah J. Needham (GR'46)
Wanda Nelson
Nancy and Edward Nichols (Nancy, ED'67, GR'72)
Lisa and Steven Noble (Lisa, BN'85)
Pamela and Arthur Nolting (Pamela, FA'70)
Tamra Novinska (AS'10)
David and Michelle Nylen
Dennis and Sandy O'Brien (Sandy, GR'80, GR'83)§
Todd and Mary O'Brien
Susan Odem (GR'95)
Jeannette A. Oehring (FA'52)
Susan Olson (FA'64)
Dr. John and Maxine Otis (John, GR'77)
Clarence Padilla
John and Mary Pappajohn§±
Linda Parks ('62)
Donna Paulsen and Thomas Press
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen§
Douglas Peckumn and Debra Thomas
Don and Barbara Penquite
Cheryl and David Perry (Cheryl, FA'68)
Dorothy Perry
Rebecca Peters (AS'04)
Daniel B. and Melanie A. Peterson (Daniel, BN'83)§±
Joseph Piearson (JO'08)
Thomas Piekarczyk and Carol Graczyk
Lawrence Pincsak and Joanne Zienty
Lowell E. Plavec (LA'70)±
Anastasia Polydoran (GR'76)
Gayle Poortinga
Andrew Poppen (AS'10)
Joel and Josefa Poppen
Betty Porter
Ralph and Doris Preuss (Ralph, FA'51)
Dennis and Pamela Prouty (Dennis, BN'68; Pamela, FA'66)
Marti Puff
Dr. Stephen and Anne Quinlan
Anne Reasons
Deborah Reiter (LA'79, GR'83)
Megan Riggs (FA'03)
Marjorie and Charles Ringwalt (Marjorie, '56)
Beverly Robinson
Timothy Robson (FA'74)
Alice and Donald Rohdy (Alice, '56)
Charles and Eleanor Rowley (Charles, FA'49, GR'51; Eleanor, FA'48)§
Janice Roxberg
Janice Rubens (FA'65)
Holli and Dr. Bill Safley (Holli, FA'74)
Adam Sandroni (AS'07)
Bob Scarborough§
Martha and James Schaer (Martha, GR'91)
John and Victoria Schmitt
Victoria Schultz (GR'77)
Carla Sedgwick (FA'52)
Michael Sedrel
Craig and Kimberly Shadur
Nancy Shafer
Jeffrey and Lynnette Shawd (Jeffrey, JO'81, GR'83)±
Mr. Eugene F. Shewmaker ('44)§
Sheryl and Laurence Shohet (Sheryl, FA'78)
Cheryl and Wesley Siebrass (Cheryl, FA'77, GR'95)
Sue and Jerry Slater (Sue, FA'58, GR'64)
Dana Sloter (AS'13)
Don and Sharon Smith (Don, FA'62, GR'63; Sharon, FA'63)
John and Mary Kay Smith (John, AS'92, GR'00; Mary Kay, FA'91, GR'07)§±
Louis E. and A. Joyce Smith (Louis, BN'51, GR'53; Joyce, ED'55, GR'81)§±
Robert and Donna Smith (Robert, LW'83)
Bob and †Jeannie Snyder (Bob, BN'55, LW'59; Jeannie, ED'57)§
Bob and Jeannie Snyder (Bob, BN'55, LW'59; Jeannie, ED'57)§
William Solawetz
Dr. Phyllis Staplin (GR'78, GR'84)
Mary Stephens ('53)
Marna Stevens ('59)
Jeffrey and Mary Stier
Marnie Strate (AS'08)
Richard and Jane Strike±
Dr. Carl and Phyllis Suchar (Carl, LA'74)§
G. Thomas and Molly Sullivan (G, GR'82, LW'85)
George W. and M. Joan Sullivan (George, LW'58; Joan, '54)§
Jayne Sullivan (ED'60)
Joyce and Ben Swartz (Ben, LA'55)§
Cheryl and Stephen Sypal (Cheryl, AS'87)
Peter and Carol Taggart (Peter, GR'78)
Sandy Johnson Tatge and Bob Tatge (Sandy, FA'69; Bob, BN'68)§±
Scott and Judith Telford
Harold and Joyce Templeman (Joyce, GR'64)
David W. and Connie M. Tharp (David, BN'87; Connie, FA'99)
Robert Thelen (GR'73)
Karen and Christopher Thielman (Karen, FA'82)
Virginia Thomas ('67)
Bruce D. and Janice Estrem Thorsen (Bruce, JO'70; Janice, FA'69)§±
Constance A. Thullen (LA'58)
Connie Toenjes
Mrs. Patricia B. Trump (FA'74, GR'87)
Stephen and Annette Truso
Chloris and Alan Van Nice (Chloris, FA'61)
Vivian and Chris Van Vleet
Bruce and Joyce Vandegrift
Deanna Ver Steeg
Sandra and Richard Wacha (Sandra, FA'66)
Mary Jane Zaharris Waite (FA'53, GR'64)
John and Wanda Wallace (John, BN'48; Wanda, '49)
Walter and Sally Walsh
Lois Wannamaker (LA'74)
Kay Ward (FA'57, GR'77)
†Jack and Jo Watson (Jack, JO'42)§±
Reverend Josephine Watson (DV'67)§±
Jonathan and Emily Weaver (Jonathan, GR'09)§
Linda Weber
Michael and Mary Wegner
Patricia Westphal
Lauren Whittaker and Frank Whittaker Jr. (Lauren, FA'86)
Randal and Joyce Wildin
Dolores Willemsen (LA'81)
Joseph and Jeannette Williams
Justin and Jennifer Williams (Justin, AS'04, GR'08; Jennifer, FA'02)
Mike Williamson and Stacey Hoppe (Mike, AS'98; Stacey, JO'98)§
Jay and Carole Wilsker (Jay, LA'51)§
Jane and James Wine
Joel K. Wolfson (FA'59)
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Wright (David, BN'77)§±
Sue Wright§±
Ralph Wynant III
Helen H. Young (FA'43, GR'73)
Ms. Zoula P. Zein-Eldin (LA'48)§
Ms. Jennifer M. Zimmerman (PH'93)
Larry Zirbel and Ann Carson (Larry, FA'56)

Friends of Drake Arts

Corporate, Foundations, and Other Organizations

Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Alice Fintel Revocable Trust
Betty J. Debban Trust§
Caring Hearts Home Care, Inc.
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines§±
Davies Communications, Inc.
Duane L .Gregg 1989 Revocable Trust
The Green Family 1994 Revocable Trust
Kay E. Ward Charitable Fund
Koch Foundation
LeBlanc Family Trust
Marlene A. Hutt Revocable Trust
Mary G. Campbell Revocable Trust
Milton and Joanne Brown Charitable Foundation
Ralph and Sylvia G. Green Foundation§±
Robert W. Baird and Company Foundation, Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sidley Austin, L.L.P.
Sigma Alpha Iota
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Treble Clef Music Club
Harriet S. Macomber in memory of J. Locke Macomber (LW'48)


University News
October 20, 2016
The Comparison Project will present the third event in its 2016–2017 series on death and dying. A community interfaith dialogue on Oct. 27 will feature representatives of three different refugee religions in Des Moines.