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About the Institute

Drake University is proud to be the home of Senator Tom Harkin’s (Retired) papers, spanning 40 years in public service and addressing some of the most pressing issues of the past half-century. The Harkin Institute was founded at Drake in the spring of 2013 with two goals.

First, the institute will facilitate collaborative, high-quality, nonpartisan, multi-disciplinary public policy research and analysis dedicated to the issues that defined Senator Harkin’s legislative career, including:

Second, The Harkin Institute will foster active and informed citizen engagement in public decision-making and public policy making through education and outreach that expands the knowledge and understanding of these four issue areas among students, scholars, and the public.

Harkin Institute
October 2, 2017
Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Stephen Benjamin will discuss the evolving role of American mayors in today’s political environment and other top issues facing American cities at The Harkin Institute’s Sussman Lecture on Oct. 30 at Drake University.