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An Evening with Charlie Cook

"There are political junkies, and then there's Charlie Cook — the man who knows more about everything political than anyone else.” 
-The Washingtonian

The New York Times calls Charlie Cook “one of the best political handicappers in the nation" and describes the Cook Political Report as "a newsletter that both sides regard as authoritative." The late David Broder wrote in the Washington Post that Cook was "perhaps the best non-partisan tracker of Congressional races," while CBS News' Bob Schieffer views the Cook Political Report as "the bible of the political community."

Charlie Cook will be back at the Harkin Institute in December 2016 for his annual visit to spend an evening with you and a night of entertaining, up-to-the-minute political analysis, insights, and stories about the presidential race

For questions about this annual event and to make sure your email address is on the details announcement list, contact the Harkin Institute at (515) 271-3623 or