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Post-Election Panel

The Media, the Constitution, and the 2016 Race

Thursday, November 17, 2016
7 p.m.
Sheslow Auditorium, Drake University

The Harkin Institute, in conjunction with Iowa Public Television, welcomed a panel of former politicians, media experts, and an academic to weigh in on the 2016 presidential race. Panelists included:

  • Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa news director
  • Kathie Obradovich, Des Moines Register political columnist
  • Dennis Goldford, Drake University professor of political science
  • Jim Leach, Former Rep. (R-Iowa), 1977-2007
  • Dave Nagle, Former Rep. (D-Iowa), 1987-1993
  • Dean Borg, Iowa Press moderator and host

Dennis Goldford, The Harkin Institute's Flansburg Fellow, opened with remarks about modern media's impact on America as the "extended republic" described in the U.S. Constitution. His riveting discussion examined the way TV, talk radio, and the internet appeal to consumers' emotions while usually focusing on only one point of view, thus guiding us away from the reasoned deliberation intended by our Constitution's authors.

A crowd of nearly 300 joined in, watching from the audience as IPTV recorded Iowa Press.

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October 2, 2017
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