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Harkin International Disability Employment Summit

“The unemployment rate among adult Americans with disabilities who want to work and can work is over 60 percent! That is a blot on our national character.”
- Senator Tom Harkin in his farewell speech to the Senate

Employment is the key to independence and economic sustainability to ensure that the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities, get a fair shot. In December 2016, the inaugural Harkin International Disability Employment Summit was held in Washington, D.C.

The summit brought together high-level representatives and grassroots implementers from around the world—all working to increase the employment of people with disabilities. Representatives from business, disability advocacy, government, education, foundations, and NGOs brought their lessons from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Americas to identify and create strategies to increase employment opportunities of people with disabilities.

In November 2017, the Harkin International Disability Employment Summit will return to Washington before the annual event moves to an international location the following year.

Click here to learn more at the Harkin Summit website.

Harkin Institute
October 2, 2017
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