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You are invited to join Drake University, the city of Des Moines, and the state of Iowa in honoring the legacy and spirit of service of Senator Tom Harkin (Retired).

The Harkin Institute is designed to operate with the support of external gifts and grants. Initial gifts in excess of $3 million have been secured toward the $10 million endowment goal, which will allow the Institute to begin operation in September 2013. Your leadership gift will enable Drake University to launch the full suite of planned research, education, and outreach activities. By contributing to the Institute’s endowment, you will help address top priorities in this startup period, including support for key positions and educational programs.

There are many ways to make a charitable gift to the Institute. Making a commitment today provides a powerful endorsement and insures its long-term success. All money will be used to support teaching, research, scholarship, forums, and lectures.

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Harkin Institute
October 2, 2017
Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Stephen Benjamin will discuss the evolving role of American mayors in today’s political environment and other top issues facing American cities at The Harkin Institute’s Sussman Lecture on Oct. 30 at Drake University.