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The Tom Harkin Collection

Drake University is honored to be the home of Senator Tom Harkin’s papers, covering more than 40 years of public service. Senator Harkin’s papers arrived at Drake University in January 2015. Currently, they are being professionally archived, housed in dedicated space in the Drake University Archives centrally located in Cowles Library on the Drake campus. Select portions of these papers have been opened to the public to the extent permitted by state and federal statutes during the summer of 2015. Many of the disability and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) related papers were unveiled on the 25th Anniversary of the ADA and are now available to the public for research and study.

The Tom Harkin Collection includes print and digital materials as well as memorabilia.

Major phase construction for the Drake University Archives facility was completed in September 2013. Major phases of the construction can be viewed on the Cowles Library website.

To learn more about the Drake University Archives, please contact Hope Grebner Bibens at or 515-271-2088.

When visiting, please refer to the Drake Event Accessibility Map.

Harkin Institute
October 2, 2017
Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Stephen Benjamin will discuss the evolving role of American mayors in today’s political environment and other top issues facing American cities at The Harkin Institute’s Sussman Lecture on Oct. 30 at Drake University.