Current Drake Students

Drake undergraduate students from any major may participate in the Honors Program. The best way for current students to begin the Honors Track is to enroll in an Honors course.

Many courses are cross-listed in other departments, giving students a chance to experience the small, interdisciplinary, discussion-based atmosphere of Honors courses while still earning credit toward degree requirements.

Honors First-Year Practicum is a one-credit introduction to the program, but is not required for participation in the Honors Program.

Once you have decided to commit to the Honors Track:


Save and complete the fillable Honors Program Application and the Intent to Change to Honors Program Track form. This form allows your degree audit to reflect that you are pursuing the Honors Track and not the AOI Track.


Turn the application and honors program track form to the Honors Office in Medbury room #206/209, or email to

For a better understanding of the options for incorporating Honors into the Drake Curriculum, check out Visual Honors Track.