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Drake University Honors has a priority deadline of March 1.  Declaration of intent for the Honors Track of the Drake Curriculum (i.e., application essay) is considered on a rolling basis, and essays are read with the goals of the Honors Mission in mind. 

The Drake Honors program is an intellectual community recognizable by the members’ willingness to engage problems that require creative question posing and a willingness to follow where the questioning takes them.  The Mission of the Honors Program is to create an environment, in and out of the classroom, that continually pushes, primarily, members of the Honors program and, then, secondarily, all University members to develop the skills necessary to engage complex problems with patience, depth and creativity. 

Members of the Honors Program focus on developing and using skills of creativity and critical engagement with texts and other participants in conversations.  Unwilling to be satisfied with simple answers or ways of understanding issues, members of the Honors community will actively seek insights from a wide variety of ways of thinking about and representing the world.

The Honors Program will do this by emphasizing a commitment to interdisciplinarity, student centered learning, instructors as co-learners and approaches to creating learning environments supported by educational research.  By so doing, the Honors Program will help to prepare graduates for life in world filled with complexity and unpredictability.


Applicants will hear first by email the Honors committee response.  Applicants who aim for the priority deadline of March 1 will receive a response prior to April 1. 

Questions or problems with applying? Contact the Honors office at 515-271-2999 or via email at

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University News
September 22, 2017
Drake University hosted a special luncheon to announce and celebrate the winners of the 2017 John Pappajohn Iowa Entrepreneurial Venture Competition, which encourages and promotes entrepreneurial activity and create greater awareness of the resources available to entrepreneurs in Iowa.