May-June Travel Seminars

3 credits of the total may apply towards the Honors Track, providing the six credit-hour limit for Travel Away experiences has not already been met.


History, Politics & Society of Modern Egypt -- May 15-June 2, 2016

Instructors: Mahmoud Hamad, Sentwali Jelani Bakari

HONR 069

This seminar is an introduction to the history, politics, and culture of Egypt covering roughly the period from 1805 to the present. It will introduce students to some of the major questions, debates, and recurring themes in the study of contemporary Egyptian society in an interdisciplinary and theoretically informed fashion. Some of the topics we will cover include socioeconomic transformations in Egyptian society from 1952 to the present, the nature of Egyptian politics and political participation, the relationship between politics and culture in Egypt, political Islam or Islamist politics, and political economy and recurrent economic crises including the most recent changes in Egypt's political economy in the 1990's (structural adjustment, privatization and the socio-political consequences of these policies), the future of the republic after Mubarak. 

Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda - May to June 2017

Instructors: Debra Bishop, Jimmy Senteza, Glenn McKnight, Thomas Root

HONR 067

This three-week travel seminar focuses on human rights, democracy, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, health care and business practices through the lens of a Drake study trip to Uganda. Dr. Jimmy Senteza, one of the lead professors for the trip, grew up in Uganda, and has used his connections there to create a course which exposes students to life-changing learning experiences in a developing country. Dr. Glenn McKnight, another lead professor for this course, completed part of his doctoral dissertation in Uganda, and has bridged connections with the Makerere Institute of Social Research, giving students on this trip opportunities to interact with influential figures in Ugandan government.  Students on the trip also do work with a school for children with special needs, meet with business professionals, go on a safari tour, and take a tour of rural agriculture.



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