Study Away Seminars

Honors Credit for Study Abroad
Honors students may receive up to three Honors elective credits for studying abroad. If additional study away coursework transfer credit is received in the Quantitative Literacy, Lab Science, or Artistic Experience areas, the honors program counts that credit toward the honors track as well.  As a way to study and document the cultural learning that occurs outside of the classroom, Honors students may keep a journal while abroad, and use their daily experiences to write a composition upon their return to present to the Honors community. To receive Honors study abroad credit, students must submit the Honors Study Abroad Credit form  the semester prior to the proposed study abroad experience. 

Summer Honors Travel Seminars (Please refer to blueView schedule of classes.)

Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda
Instructors: Professors Jimmy Senteza, Glenn McKnight, Thomas Root, Deb Bishop, Natalie Adkins
HONR 067
6 credits

This three-week travel seminar focuses on human rights, democracy, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, health care and business practices through the lens of a Drake study trip to Uganda.  Dr. Jimmy Senteza, one of the lead professors for the trip, grew up in Uganda, and has used his connections there to create a course which exposes students to life-changing learning experiences in a developing country. Dr. Glenn McKnight, another lead professor for this course, completed part of his doctoral dissertation in Uganda, and has bridged connections with the Makerere Institute of Social Research, giving students on this trip opportunities to interact with influential figures in Ugandan government. Students on the trip also do work with a school for children with special needs, meet with business professionals, go on a safari tour, and take a tour of rural agriculture.

Please e-mail any of the trip instructors for details about the study trip in Uganda.

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Walking: Making Art Out There
Instructor: Angela Battle
HONR 126
3 credits

This three-week summer interim session landscape painting and drawing course is open to majors and non-majors of all class levels. After becoming familiar with the tradition of landscape art from the 18th through 21st centuries, students will travel to the Badlands of South Dakota for an eight-day camping adventure to capture the landscape and sky using a variety of painting and drawing materials. Upon return, the group will further develop selected works by synthesizing both visual and journal recordings and present a group exhibition to the university community. No previous art-making experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn.

University News
February 9, 2016
Drake University will host 25 of Africa’s brightest emerging leaders this summer for a six-week academic and leadership institute sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.