Departmental Development

Do you have a strategic direction for your department? Do you feel that your department is as efficient as it could be? Are your positions and tasks organized for maximum effectivenss? Human Resources supports you, your department, and the University, in aligning the positions, people and processes in your unit with your departmental goals and vision.

Human Resources is available to examine your current staffing practices and assess the way that work is being performed within your departments. It is important to note, this is not an evaluation of the individual’s performance, rather it is a process to review responsibilities and departmental work distribution to evaluate how work might be performed more efficiently and effectively. Are there ways to “work smarter” rather than “harder” – such as using technology, stream-lining processes or using student workers to alleviate workload challenges? An exercise like this may prove to be beneficial as employment opportunities within your department become available.

Human Resources offers staff developmental opportunities to promote the individual’s performance and workplace experience. Staff development allows for these individuals to learn and develop knowledge and abilities that will benefit both the individual and the unit. Through the Excellence in Learning and Development Program, speakers come to campus and present information to small groups with topics ranging from communication skills to interviewing best practices. To address the need for training on specific topics, staff development grants are available for departments and Human Resources to share the expense of a conference or workshop for individuals. Additionally, for the individual who would benefit from a more in-depth comprehensive learning activity, staff members may apply for a learning and development leave.

Development opportunities are not only for the individual, but for the department, as well. Human Resources can help you locate and evaluate development resources for your department. Whether the topic involves understanding and working through individual or generational differences or building a more cohesive team Human Resources can help you design a meaningful and effective program.

Human Resources and Information Technology have partnered to develop on-line tools, to streamline repetitive tasks, including time and leave reporting. Additionally, mechanisms are in place to assist with the documentation of performance evaluations and job descriptions, which are available through MyDUSIS in blueView. Both of these on-line tools serve to assist managers fulfill their important role as leader, mentor, coach and guide. Human Resources can work with you to maximize the effectiveness of these technology solutions.

Human Resources desires managers and staff to consult with them as issues arise. The opportunity may be one that through discussions and coaching, a remedy can be decided upon. For others, Human Resources is available to meet and to guide you through the circumstance to meet the best resolution.

Ultimately, the goal of Human Resources is to partner with managers to employ the best people, develop their knowledge and abilities, and compensate their efforts to allow for Drake University to be a premier university in the Midwest. We seek to embody the best practices of the Human Resources profession by providing excellent, caring and consistent services that support the ability of the of the University to recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce. As opportunities present themselves, please never hesitate to contact Human Resources.

Venessa Macro – 271-3962
Gary Johnson – 271-4804
Debra Wiley – 271-374