Steps to Hire a Student Worker

1. Determine the need for a Student Employee and examine budget to ensure that funding is available for wages.

2. If this is a new job, complete the Job Description and Classification form and forward it to Human Resources to determine the wage for the job.

3. If desired, advertise online through Career bluePrint. This online database automatically has the student information in the system. From this system, students can submit resumes directly to you. Instructions are available, should you need them.

4. Interview the student applicants. For suggestions interviewing process, contact Human Resources.

5. Hire the student and discuss work schedule. Additionally, start personnel file for the student including start date, work schedule, contact information, etc.

6. BEFORE students begins working, complete the Change of Employment Spreadsheet, which can be emailed or faxed. Receive position number from Human Resources to put on timecard or to be identified through the online time sheet.

7. Confirm with Human Resources whether the student needs to complete paperwork including I-9, Iowa W-4, Federal W-4, and Direct Deposit Authorization. Verification of information will be sent to supervisors.

8. In response to paperwork being completed, notification of online timesheets are distributed to student and supervisors. Students are to submit timesheets by the second business day of the month at noon and then supervisors are to approve timesheets within two hours.

9. Regularly provide feedback to the student regarding the performance. Complete the Performance Review and provide copy to student, maintain copy in student file, and forward a copy to Human Resources.

10. Complete the Change of Employment Spreadsheet, to report employee terminations.

Questions may be directed to Debra Wiley, Assistant Director, at 515-271-3741.