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Message from the Director


Faculty members in the humanities at Drake University are central to Drake having earned the well-deserved reputation as an institution committed to excellence in teaching. Humanities faculty engage students in exploring complex questions about the nature of the human experience—cultivating intellectual commitments as well curiosities, innovations as well as insights, and appreciative inquiry as well as aptitude.

In the context of such demanding and rewarding work, we are also active scholars, musicians, artists and writers. We are rooted in larger artistic and scholarly communities. We create. We collaborate. We cross disciplinary-boundaries. We challenge. We cultivate vision.

I am grateful for the work of Drake’s Center for the Humanities and proud to be affiliated with the more than one hundred faculty, staff and administrators who utilize and deploy the resources, relationships and programming that is at the heart of the Center’s work.

The Center for the Humanities actively supports and resources faculty aspirations and accomplishments in our many scholarly and creative ventures. To that end I heartily invite you—urge you, even—to explore the variety of opportunities it offers. From a diversity of grants for scholarship and creative activity, to research awards that confer resources and recognition, to programming that convenes us to explore significant issues from a multiplicity of perspectives, the Center brings together diverse constituencies from across—and beyond—the university to encounter and engage in individual and collaborative work.

I hope you will seriously consider becoming part of this work. I hope you will remain an active part of this work.

Jennifer Harvey, PhD
Professor of Religion
Director, Center for the Humanities
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