Humanities Leadership Grants

The Humanities Leadership Grants offer two categories of support to offset the costs associated with travel to a regional, national, or international conference, convention, or other academic meeting to a Drake tenured or tenure-track faculty member: the Leadership Grant and the Supplemental Grant.

These grants are meant to encourage Drake faculty to serve in leadership roles in academic regional, national, and international organizations and associations dedicated to humanistic inquiry.

“Leadership role,” in this context, means that the applicant has been appointed or elected to administer some vital function of the organization, and that the appointment or election results from the applicant’s particular qualification as a humanities teacher or researcher. It also includes the presentation of a keynote address, acceptance of a major honor or award, and the like. It excludes membership as one of a number of members on a steering committee or delegation and positions serving primarily operational functions. 



Leadership Grants

Leadership Grants underwrite the costs of travel, lodging, and per diem, up to a total grant of $1,000, for the purposes outlined above when the proposed travel is not supported by College of Arts and Sciences funding or University funding.

Supplemental Grants

Supplemental Grants offer up to $250 in support of travel, lodging, and per diem for the purposes outlined above when the proposed travel coincides with travel supported in part by the College or the University. The supplemental grant is meant to offset the cost of attending the conference for a longer period than would have been required for the delivery of the paper or presentation alone because of the leadership demands or honorary acceptance.

The amount of grant awards will be adjusted when the applicant is to be remunerated for his/her services or attendance.


The following criteria will guide the Board in its deliberations:

  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply for either the Leadership or Supplemental Grant. An applicant must hold a leadership position in the humanities-oriented organization sponsoring the event to which the applicant proposes to travel (such as an academic conference) or in a humanities-oriented organization for the sake of furthering whose mission the event is being held (such as a fundraiser or business meeting) or is to be the recipient of a major honor or award for his/her work in the humanities (such as an achievement award or keynote speakership).
  • Applications for funding must include the following information (or web links to it), submitted as a single document:
    • The name and mission statement of the organization in which the applicant holds a leadership role.
    • An account, from the articles of incorporation or bylaws of that organization, of the responsibilities of the position s/he holds.
    • An account of the particular contribution the applicant expects to make to the organization.
    • An explanation of the significance of this organization’s role, and this applicant’s position in it, to maintaining the vitality of humanistic inquiry
    • A detailed budget, including the uses to which funds offered from other sources will be put. If remuneration is expected for the leadership role, information regarding that should also be included.
    • Official confirmation of the applicant’s appointment to the position in question.
  • The Center’s support must be acknowledged in, when possible, in announcements, presentations, and publicity materials connected to the underwritten travel. Please see the acknowledgments page for examples of appropriate formulations of acknowledgment.

Additional Information

Those interested in submitting an application are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the Center before submitting a request. 

While there is no formal deadline for submission, applicants should allow six weeks for the board to deliberate on requests. Applications should be submitted electronically, as an attachment in a standard document format to

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