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AJ Treiber Profile Photo

Flexibility to explore interests

“Drake has taught me to think in ways that I’ve never even thought about before. I took the J-term course ‘Humans of the Drake Neighborhood’ and learned about community structure, community building, and historical patterns that relate to metropolitan areas. It helped us understand the Drake neighborhood and why it exists as it does today.”

AJ Treiber
Secondary Education, Class of 2019

Jacey Redman Profile Photo

Learning through service

“Through my sorority on campus I have had the opportunity to do service work at the Ronald McDonald House. Being able to give back to the Greater Des Moines area has really cemented my love for Drake and made it feel even more like home!”

Jacey Redman
Pharmacy, Class of 2021

Kylie Hunter Profile Photo

Building a great resume

“I received an internship with Habitat for Humanity during my first year at Drake that allowed me to work on skills necessary for my career. I created a training manual that will be used by hundreds of volunteers. It is amazing to think that with only one year of college experience, I’ve already created and produced work that will be used by hundreds of people.”

Kylie Hunter
Business Management / Psychology, Class of 2020

Jordan Lundquist Profile Photo

Personal mentorship

“My adviser has so many connections in the advertising field and has even connected me with Drake alumni in my area back home, where I’ve been able to chat with them about the industry, what I should do to be successful, and their personal Drake experiences.”

Jordan Lundquist
Advertising, Class of 2019


onpaintedstreet Special shoutout to my main mentor and great friend who's been there since day one dealing with me as her awkward orientation student. I've been so fortunate to have someone as awesome as her show me the ropes of Drake. And who would've known, now she's nominee for Homecoming royalty! Thanks for everything, Becca -NJ


onpaintedstreet Street Painting V. Shoutout to @mohdizzi96 for this photo of me. -PRS