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University operations and classes on schedule: 
Drake is open this morning and classes will meet as scheduled. Facilities personnel pre-treated campus walkways and parking areas yesterday and again this morning. Des Moines streets have been treated and intersections are slushy with some slick spots, with no delays issued in the area. All students, faculty and staff members are expected to exercise their best judgment with respect to personal safety.
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Jacey Redman Profile Photo

Learning through service

“Through my sorority on campus I have had the opportunity to do service work at the Ronald McDonald House. Being able to give back to the Greater Des Moines area has really cemented my love for Drake and made it feel even more like home!”

Jacey Redman
Pharmacy, Class of 2021

Haley Davis Profile Photo

Personal mentorship

“We are very lucky at Drake to have faculty that care about you as a person rather than just as a student. Because our class sizes are on-average so small, they notice when something is off, or when one of their students isn’t in class. They know about our personal lives, and they know that we have a lot to balance as the ‘Drake busy’ has created a culture of hard work in all areas.”

Haley Davis
Radio and TV Production, Class of 2018

AJ Treiber Profile Photo

Flexibility to explore interests

“Drake has taught me to think in ways that I’ve never even thought about before. I took the J-term course ‘Humans of the Drake Neighborhood’ and learned about community structure, community building, and historical patterns that relate to metropolitan areas. It helped us understand the Drake neighborhood and why it exists as it does today.”

AJ Treiber
Secondary Education, Class of 2019

Kylie Hunter Profile Photo

Building a great resume

“I received an internship with Habitat for Humanity during my first year at Drake that allowed me to work on skills necessary for my career. I created a training manual that will be used by hundreds of volunteers. It is amazing to think that with only one year of college experience, I’ve already created and produced work that will be used by hundreds of people.”

Kylie Hunter
Business Management / Psychology, Class of 2020


onpaintedstreet Spent this morning, with my sorors driving all over the place (we got lost), but eventually we made it to a Habitat for Humanity build site! The focus of our sorority is community service, and this is one of the many ways we do so! ❤️


onpaintedstreet Hi ya folks! My name is Peyton Johnson, sophomore BFA Musical Theatre and Digital Media Production double major with a concentration in Leadership. I'm from Aurora, Illinois but it's my pleasure to be serving as a CRA in Morehouse for my first summer in Des Moines. I've been jam packed with adventures from working the Drake Diner to late night exploring with friends, and I'm super excited to share