Goal 3

Develop infrastructure, resources, and communication systems to support internationalization and global engagement.

Objective 1: Identify and reform academic and administrative processes that present high barriers for pursuit of international efforts.

Strategy 1: Collect and review best practices on internationalizing operations from diverse organizations (i.e., ACE, AMA, CASE, CUPA-HR, EAB, EDUCAUSE; NAFSA, NACUBO, NACURO, OCLC, IFLA).
Timeline: January 2015 – December 2015

Strategy 2: Collaborate with key stakeholders in developing and implementing recommendations that align with best practices.
Timeline: August 2015 – May 2020

Objective 2: Develop communications systems and strategies that support strategic goals and meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Strategy 1: Create an up-to-date on-line directory/depository of information about Drake’s international/global partners, programs and faculty/staff/student experts and make this information accessible to all stakeholders.
Timeline: January 2015 – August 2015

Strategy 2: Develop technological capacities to enhance collaboration, facilitate communication with international partners and meet the administrative needs of international programs.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Strategy 3: Implement an internal communications plan.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Objective 3: Assess the effectiveness of the internationalization and global engagement plan in achieving stated goals and objectives.

Strategy 1: Develop an assessment plan to determine progress in achieving plan objectives.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Strategy 2: Gather data at regular intervals throughout the life of the plan in alignment with other institutional data collection.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Strategy 3: Identify and communicate necessary improvements (programmatic, strategic plan tactics or implementation, development needs) in response to assessment results.
Timeline: Next GIIT/GIPAC retreat – every six months

Strategy 4: Identify and communicate areas of accomplishment in relation to institutional plan (and alignment with University strategic plan). 
Timeline: Next GIIT/GIPAC retreat – every six months

Objective 4: Develop sustained fundraising strategy that can support Drake’s future growth as a global university.

Strategy 1: Articulate a broad vision of Drake as a Global Knowledge Hub that will guide strategic fundraising.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Strategy 2: Attach costs to specific international initiatives for the purpose of connecting smaller gifts to particular needs.
Timeline: Summer 2016 – December 2016

Strategy 3: Research, disseminate, and assist in the development of grants that support international efforts.
Timeline: July 2015 – December 2015

Strategy 4: Increase coordination among key stakeholders across campus in developing gift and grant prospects focused on international and multicultural initiatives.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

How can you support Goal 3?

Faculty, Staff, Outside Partners

  • Share best practices on internationalizing operations.
  • Share information about corporate, foundation, or government grants with Drake International.
  • Promote employment opportunities at Drake with globally engaged prospective faculty & staff.

Faculty, Staff

  • Develop a recognition system for faculty and staff in your department to highlight exceptional efforts toward infusing global and multicultural perspectives on campus.
  • Attend an international conference and share your takeaways. Faculty and staff can apply for a Drake International Grant to assist with the cost of attending a globally-focused conference.  


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