Family members who intend to come to Des Moines should make hotel reservations IMMEDIATELY. If you delay making reservations, it may be difficult to find accommodations at the Cottage or the Holiday Inn Express at Drake, which are the only accommodations within walking distance of campus.  Since public transportation is limited, you may wish to rent a car or pay for taxis while in Des Moines…even if you stay at one of these two locations.

You may use a travel agent in your home city to help you make hotel reservations, but we have provided the following information for those who prefer to make their own calls.

Some hotels have several locations in Des Moines, so we have given a general, toll free reservation number and the direct phone numbers of the hotels closest to campus.  Downtown hotels are closer to Drake, but may charge higher rates. Prices average $65 - $125 per night, but the less expensive rooms are reserved first. Hotels accept most credit cards, and may ask for your credit card number to guarantee your reservation. For information on hotel availability, contact the Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, either online, or at 515-286-4960 or 1-800-451-2625.


Families who stay in Des Moines more than a day or two, or who stay at a hotel other than the Holiday Inn Express at Drake, will want to rent a car. For a listing of rental car companies, please see Rental Cars.

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