Des Moines is considered to be a relatively safe US city.  Drake also takes the safety and security of its students seriously.  Security measures include lighting for campus sidewalks and streets, security telephones throughout the campus, and a staff of security officers.  Drake Security also coordinates a program called Drake Direct, in which students can request free taxi transportation on campus at night.  To call Campus Security from on campus, dial 2222.  To call from off campus, dial 271-2222.  

Nevertheless, some parts of Des Moines are considered to be less safe than others.  You may want to discuss this with your residence hall staff, other students or the International Center staff.  Normal personal precautions, such as not walking alone at night, are recommended.  It is also wise to carry identification ("ID") with you at all times for example a Drake University ID card with your photo. We also suggest you carry a name and phone number of Drake Campus Security and/or a person to contact if you are injured or in trouble.

University News
May 22, 2017
Drake Law School alumnus Terry Branstad, LW’74, the longest-serving governor in our nation’s history, has officially been confirmed as United States Ambassador to China.