Academic Programs

Drake University offers the following majors relating to international topics:

International Relations Major

Offering through the College of Arts and Sciences, the international relations program is designed to prepare students to take part in the global community. With emphases on political, economic and security affairs, the curriculum offers students an opportunity to explore both the sources of international conflict and the necessary conditions for enhanced peace and cooperation among nations.

International Business Major

Drake is one of the few universities with a degree program in international business. The major draws on the disciplines of economics, marketing, management, geography, politics, history and the foreign languages to enable students to develop an international perspective on world business opportunities. The international business major examines the challenge of developing and adapting business practices to operate within and among different economies, political systems and cultures.



The major in Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) offers an international perspective on self and society. These fields, concerned as they are with meaning, difference, and power, cultivate reflexive, interpretive, and empathetic forms of cultural analysis. Drawing together biography, history, and ethnography, the major encourages students to critically reflect on the cultural and social diversity of human experience and to seriously engage social problems. Students who chose the ANSO dual major will benefit from the related yet distinct foci of the disciplines so as to better facilitate their understanding of a 21st century world which is internationally and multiculturally linked.

Concentration in Global and Comparative Public Health

A concentration in Global and Comparative Public Health prepares students to be active participants in improving the health of their own and other communities worldwide. Students will gain an understanding of the determinants of the health of populations; the available options to improve the health of populations; and the evidence demonstrating the efficacy of these options.

University News
February 4, 2016
Renae Chesnut, professor of pharmacy practice, has been named dean of the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS).