International Travel Seminars


International Travel Seminars are short-term courses abroad led by Drake faculty members. Seminars are typically between 3-6 credits, and often meet an AOI.  Spaces in these courses fill early; if you are interested, contact the faculty member or department (below) as soon as possible.


Minimum 2.5 GPA, not on academic or disciplinary probation


For May seminars: Rolling admission, deposits deadlines vary by program.

For J-term seminars: Course registration in early March 2014


Students who enroll in one of these seminars are expected to read the Drake International Student Handbook

May 2014 Seminars:


Turkey: From Ottoman Empire to 21st Century

Have the opportunity to study the Middle East through films and Islam in the 21st century. In three weeks, you will get to see the different faces of Turkey and taste some of what this incredible nation has to offer. The accumulated wealth of art and architecture, religions and civilizations, food and cuisine of thousands of years resides by the banks of the Bosphorus. As you explore Turkey, you will be struck by a nation that weaves together the timeless elements of its past with its dynamic present. Program Director: Dr. Mahmoud Hamad. Program Co-Leader: Dean Sentwali Bakari. (6 credits, POLS 133 and POLS 135/HON 75/REL 121)

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South Africa: Seeing South Africa – Storytelling and Race Relations

This seminar visits a wide range of historical sites to investigate the ways in which the people of South Africa tell the stories of their past (a traumatic racial history), their present, and their future. Students in this seminar will see four of its major cities (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and Pietermaritzburg) while also reflecting on race relations in rural areas. Faculty Leaders: Dr. Melisa Klimaszewski and Dr. Yasmina Madden. (6 credits, ENG 158)

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Uganda: Sustainable Development in Africa

Students on this seminar explore a wide-range of sustainable development topics, including human rights, development and democracy, microfinance, health care, education, tourism, and business.  Local Ugandan university students also participate in the course, and are with the Drake students throughout the program.  The program is based in the capital city of Kampala, but visit rural areas as well as a national park. Faculty Leaders: Dr. Jimmy Senteza, Dr. Deb Bishop, and Dr. Tom Root. (6 credits, BUS 067, HIST 067 or HON 065)

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January-term 2014 Seminars

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Information on J-term offerings for 2015 will be announced duirng the 2014 spring semester at the J-term fair. 


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