Travel Seminars

What are they?

Travel Seminars are short-term courses abroad or in the U.S. led by Drake faculty members. Seminars are typically between 2-4 weeks in length, 3-6 credits, and often meet an AOI.  Spaces in these courses fill early; if you are interested, contact the faculty member or department (below) as soon as possible.


Students with a minimum 2.5 GPA, and who have completed a successful disciplinary check.


For May Seminars: Rolling admission, deposit deadlines vary by program.

For J-term Seminars: Course registration occurs at the same time as Fall registration (end of March 2015).  Once registered, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due by April 15, 2015.


Students who enroll in one of these Seminars are expected to read the Drake International Student Handbook

May 2015 Travel Seminars:

China POLS 131: Searching for the Chinese Dream: Perspectives on Social Change in China

In his address to the 18th Communist Party Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping challenged party members and the public to realize the “Chinese Dream”. – the building of a strong and prosperous Chinese nation. But there is more than one Chinese Dream. Over the past several decades, the Chinese people have lived through a period of rapid social change. As Chinese society has become more complex and diversified, so too have debates over the direction of China’s future. In this seminar, we will explore the varying interests and ideas that are shaping political, social, environmental and economic change in this increasingly pivotal country. During the three week seminar, students will visit Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong. 
For more information, contact Kirk Martin at  


JMC 133: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic: International Advertising

Ethnographic Exploration and Comparison in Eastern Europe

In approximately 25 years, Poland has gone from an era of state-run stores and no branding to the current era of ultra modern malls and world-wide brand competition with one of the strongest economies in the EU. Polish consumers have internalized consumerism at lightning speed. How are they doing this? How does advertising play a part? Is media keeping up? How does the post-WWII Polish economy compare to Germany and the Czech Republic. How did the war and Communism affect these counties and its major cities?

This is the context and questions that lay the groundwork for this three-credit cultural immersion course designed to bring advertising and culture to life within the context of the global marketplace. Students will spend over two weeks in Poland, the thriving global hub of the European Union (EU), parts of the former East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and the Czech Republic. Students will visit local and multi-national media companies, experience local culture and visit historical sites. Digitally, they will critically reflect on their experiences and learning by blogging.

Students will visit two cities in Poland: Krakow, where remnants of a factory producing stone tools has been dated back 50,000 years ago, and Warszawa, the current capital and largest city of Poland. In Germany students will visit Berlin and Dresden, and in the Czech Republic students will visit Prague. The first day in each city will involve a guided tour. Remaining days in each city combine immersions into the consumer marketplace, meetings with media agencies, learning experiences with university students and professors.

For more information, contact Carlyn Crowe at  


BUS 067/HIST 067/Honr 065: Sustainable Development in Africa

This travel seminar is open to students of all majors, and students can choose their area of focus as it relates to sustainable development.  Students have the unique opportunity to experience Uganda alongside local university students from Makerere University Business School, and will learn about many topics including: human rights, education, microfinance, health care, tourism, entrepreneurship, etc. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with in-country partners on service-learning projects.
  • An interdisciplinary course which fulfills the Engaged Citizen and/or Multicultural AOIs.  
  • Can be taken as BUS 067, HIST 067 or Honr 065 (for Honors credit)
  • 6 credit hours
  • Two components
    • On campus meetings, Spring 2015
    • Travel in Uganda from May 25 - June 16, 2015
For more information, please contact:
Dr. Deb Bishop at or 
Dr. Tom Root at  

January 2016 Travel Seminars

Looking for information on J-term Travel Seminars? Check them out here.


Scholarships Available

The next round of scholarships for Travel Seminars will be available in April 2015, and may include the following:

  • Zimpleman Global Experiential Learning Scholarship
  • Olson Global Service-Learning Scholarship
  • Allen Service-Learning Travel Scholarship
  • Thibodeau Scholarship for Global Citizenship
  • International Relations Experiential Learning Scholarship (IR majors only)

Please click here for more information on these scholarships, as well as other financial aid options.

Contact Us

For more information on Travel Seminars, please contact:

Annique Kiel, Director of Drake Administered Programs Abroad at, or

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