Fulbright Scholarships

Drake receives record breaking Fulbright awards for 2013-2014

More and more Drake students are applying for scholarships and fellowships to study, research, or work abroad after they graduate. One of the most prestigious post-graduate scholarships available is the Fulbright Scholarship. The program awards around 1,500 student grants every year, based on a student’s application and what the needs of the country are. Drake has produced many Fulbright scholars in the past 10 years and has been named a “Top Producing” university among Master’s granting institutions four times since 2006.

Students are identified as potential Fulbright scholars if they maintain a relatively high GPA and/or excel in the upper levels of their grade. Specific selection criteria can be found here. Competition for applications varies between countries; while there were 30 applications for every grant to France, there were 5 applications for every grant to Venezuela in 2013-14. 

I‌n order to be endorsed by Drake University, Fulbright requires that candidates meet with a faculty committee, which discusses and assesses each application. Applicants are rated, but not ranked. Faculty committees are recruited each Fall through an open call for volunteers and with the idea of representing the different schools and the diversity at Drake. Any interested faculty member should contact Dr. Eleanor Zeff (eleanor.zeff@drake.edu). 

Applicants can choose to teach English or undertake academic research in their host country. Examples of past projects funded by Fulbright Scholarship grants to Drake students include studying the impact of women politicians in the Moroccan Parliament, multinational business practices in Mexico, and the experiences of Muslim women in the Philippines who had worked in the Middle East. Assistantships in teaching English have ranged from Azerbaijan to Indonesia to South Korea to Thailand.

From Eleanor Zeff, Associate Professor of Politics and international Relations and Director of the Fulbright program at Drake: “Having Fulbright scholars from Drake is a great reputation booster. These students serve as ambassadors, so people hear about Drake and see that our students are nationally competitive.”

“This challenge of living and working in a place that is so culturally different from the United States has been a wonderful experience.”—Lauren Derebey (South Korea ’05)

More information can be found at the official Fulbright website or on the official Facebook page. Specific questions can be directed to Eleanor Zeff at eleanor.zeff@drake.edu

Learn about the most recent group of Drake Fulbright Scholars. Samantha Williams is also an alternate for teaching in Argentina in 2015.  See the Full List of Fulbright Recipients.

Fulbright applications are currently open and are due October 15, 2014 (Drake deadline is October 8, 2015). 

Interested candidates should download and complete the Questionnaire below and bring it to their meeting with Dr. Eleanor Zeff.

Post-graduate Scholarship Opportunities Questionnaire

More copies of this Questionnaire are available from Dr. Zeff.

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