Program-level Assessment Support Strategy (PASS)

Included here are several resources from our pilot program of PASS with several Arts & Sciences and School of Ed departments.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Resources for those interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).  Included are handouts from past workshops at Drake and possible outlets for publishing on the topic.

Classroom Assessment Techniques Handout: List of tools that can provide faculty with feedback on teaching effectiveness as well as students with information on their progress as learners.

VALUE Rubrics: As part of the VALUE project, diverse teams of faculty and other academic and student affairs professionals from a wide range of institutions drafted and revised institutional-level rubrics (and related materials) to correspond with the AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes.  These can be useful starting points in designing your own rubrics.

Usage of the VALUE rubrics by Drake Student Life and faculty was featured in the following case study by the AAC&U:

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November 26, 2014
Nonpartisan political analyst Charlie Cook will usher in the 2016 election season with insights on the key 2014 mid-term election races and a preview of the upcoming presidential race.