2016-2017 IRB Members

All research proposals involving human subjects must be submitted to the Institutional Review Board in order to protect and assure the rights of research subjects as defined by ethical considerations and government guidelines.

Erik Maki, Chair                          PH, through May 2017  
LaRhee Henderson          AS, through May 2019
Kevin Lam                       ED, through May 2019
Michael Haedicke            AS, through May 2017
Janet Wirth-Cauchon       AS, through May 2017
Jerrid Kruse                    ED, through May 2018
Olga Lazareva                 AS, through May 2018
Marcia Keyser                 CL, through May 2018
Lynanne McGuire             Community Member
Christine Marchand          Institutional Research and Academic Assessment

Please contact the IRB with any questions or concerns
515-271-DIRB (3472)

University News
August 2, 2017
Fifty Des Moines Public Schools students will participate in a week-long symposium at Drake University to discuss the unique challenges that students of color face when preparing for college.