Guidance for Investigators

The Principal Investigator has the primary responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human research subjects and for complying with all applicable provisions of the University's FWA, federal laws and regulations and the University's policies and procedures as set forth in Drake IRB Manual.

 Before Beginning
          Activities Requiring IRB Review and Approval
          Exempt vs. Expedited vs. Full Board
          Training Information
Submission Requirements
          Exempt Status
Expedited Status
Full Board Status
Review Process for New Submissions

          Exempt Submissions
          Expedited Submissions
          Full Board Submissions
          IRB Action
Addenda and Amendments
Informed Consent
          Elements of Informed Consent
          Obtaining Informed Consent
Documentation of Informed Consent
    Informed Consent Language
          Assent of Minors and Consent of Parents(s)/Guardians(s)
Exceptions from Informed Consent Requirements

Please contact the IRB with any questions or concerns

515-271-DIRB (3472)