ITS Project Management

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Here are some of the major projects that ITS is currently working on:

Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Upgrade

ITS is working with the campus community to upgrade our existing ERP system, Banner. This is necessary to keep the Banner application up to date. As of December 31, 2018, our current Banner version will no longer be supported.

The project team officially kicked off in late June. The upgrade is currently being applied to our test environments in order for ITS staff to gain experience with and understand the new technology. We are currently reviewing customizations and finalizing target dates. The project team will also spend the rest of 2017 preparing for testing, training, and deployment in 2018.

Admissions Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

To improve communication with prospective students, ITS is working with the Office of Admission to implement the customer relationship management (CRM) system, Slate. This tool will help admission counselors better communicate with prospective students and their families.

The Office of Admission began using this new tool on August 1 for undergraduate applicants. The team is currently working through issues as they arise and starting to plan for the next initiatives. These include setting up payment options, the application reading process, and preparing to use Slate with graduate applications.

University Intranet and Portal Implementation (blueView replacement)

Ellucian’s Luminis Portal, the technology currently used to support blueView, is at the end of its life. ITS is partnering with University Communications to build a new intranet and portal experience with features on the Office 365 platform, which is currently used for online email access.

Staff from a wide range of departments participated in a day long planning workshop with an external consultant. In this meeting, we identified how blueView is used today and content to be migrated to the new portal. ITS and University Communications are currently reviewing the implementation plan developed by the consultant.

Law School Admissions System Upgrade

Drake Law School receives applicant information from the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), which has partnered with a new vendor to transfer this data to and from Banner. ITS is working with the Drake Law School to implement Axiom as the new provider for this service.

The Axiom product has been installed and integrated with Banner. In August, Axiom will train Law School staff to test and use this new tool. We anticipate testing to be complete in September, and Drake Law School staff to be fully transitioned to Axiom later in the fall.

Central Document Storage

ITS is implementing Microsoft’s OneDrive storage solution in order to streamline document storage for campus. With OneDrive in place, faculty, staff, and students will have easy access to storage for both individual and collaborative needs.

ITS staff is piloting the use of OneDrive in August. The project team is currently planning for the campus-wide release and will provide additional information as this project moves forward.

Scripps-Collier and Science Connector Building

In support of the STEM initiative, the project team is focused on installing and configuring technology in the new buildings, and preparing for classroom technology training. ITS is also currently assisting with the faculty and staff moves. This work is expected to wrap up before the start of the fall semester.

TerminalFour Upgrade

ITS partnered with University Communications to perform an upgrade of the TerminalFour Content Management System (CMS). TerminalFour is used by Drake to maintain University websites.

Prior to the upgrade in early August, ITS staff held training sessions for current CMS users to orient them to the new features and changes. Remaining work includes updating existing training materials and knowledge
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