Our Projects

Here are some of the major projects that ITS is currently working on:

Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Upgrade

ITS is working with the campus community to upgrade our existing ERP system, Banner. This is necessary to keep the Banner application up to date. As of December 31, 2018, our current Banner version will no longer be supported.

The project remains on track and we are continuing to prepare for testing. The test environment is being set up and we will begin formal testing planning this week. We are working to resolve a few outstanding technical issues, but we anticipate identifying solutions soon.

Admissions Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

To improve communication with prospective students, ITS is working with the Office of Admission to implement the customer relationship management (CRM) system, Slate. This tool will help admission counselors better communicate with prospective students and their families.

This project is nearly completed. The last step is to ensure that the collected information on the parents of incoming students flows to Banner. This will enter preliminary testing next week.

myDrake Portal (blueView replacement)

Ellucian’s Luminis Portal, the technology currently used to support blueView, is at the end of its life. ITS is partnering with University Communications to build a new portal experience with features from the Office 365 platform, which is currently used for online email access (Outlook).

Our vendor, PAIT, continues to work on developing the initial student and employee landing pages. As additional content is created in these pages, we are continuing to reassess their layout. We're exploring some options for some minor changes to ensure that the site will work as anticipated and be easy to navigate. This is putting the project a little bit behind schedule for this portion of the work, but we should be able to catch up and continue with our planned schedule.

Learn more about the myDrake project by reviewing the myDrake FAQs.

Microsoft OneDrive Central Storage Implementation

ITS is implementing Microsoft’s OneDrive storage solution in order to streamline document storage for campus. With OneDrive in place, faculty, staff, and students will have easy access to storage for both individual and collaborative needs.

ITS staff initially piloted the use of OneDrive before beginning to roll it out to campus.

Below is the tentative schedule for campus-wide deployment. Dates may change as the schedule progresses.

Area/Department Start Date
ITS 10/27/17 In Progress
International Center 11/09/17 In Progress
Robert D. and Billie Ray Center 11/09/17 Completed
University Advancement 11/15/17 In Progress
Harkin Institute 11/21/17 In Progress
Old Main 11/28/17 In Progress
Carnegie Hall first floor, Cole Hall 1/10/18 In Progress
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 1/22/18 In Progress
Olmsted Center 1/29/18 In Progress
SJMC, SOE, Mathematics & Computer Science 2/19/18 In Progress
College of Arts & Sciences 3/5/18  
College of Business & Public Administration 3/19/18  
Law School 4/2/18  
Cowles Library 4/16/18  
Facilities 4/30/18  
Public Safety 5/14/18  
Athletics 5/28/18  
3206 University (HR, Head Start and Ray Society) 6/11/18  


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