Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the process of analyzing and collectively managing the University’s current and proposed projects.

Portfolio management bridges the gap between strategy and implementation. It is necessary to make sure projects undertaken meet the University’s goals and priorities, provide optimal value, have an appropriate level of risk, and have resources available to complete the work. In effect, portfolio management is about executing the right projects at the right time.

The ITS Project Management team facilitates project prioritization to help the university select the right projects and ensure these projects have the support and structure needed to succeed. This process takes into consideration projects in progress, resource availability, Return on Investment (ROI) and alignment with university strategic goals. Project requests are assessed twice a year according to the prioritization process outlined below.

Project Prioritization Process Flow

Project Review and Prioritization Process Flow Diagram

Download a copy of the Project Prioritization Process Flow shown above.

Types of Requests

All requests are reviewed and categorized to determine the appropriate review and approval process as well as documentation needs for the technology or service requested.

  • Projects are large technology initiatives that typically include the adoption of a new technology. These requests are vetted through the project prioritization process and must be approved by President’s Council.
  • Enhancements are smaller technology initiatives that typically involve additional features or improvements to an existing system. Work is prioritized using a first in, first out approach.
    • Small Enhancement is expected to complete within 0 – 2 months.
    • Medium Enhancement is expected to complete within 2 – 6 months and may require approval from the Executive Sponsor.
    • Large Enhancement is expected to take 6 months or longer to complete and requires approval from the Executive Sponsor.
  • Regulatory Requests are projects or enhancements that must be completed to comply with a regulatory requirement. A justification form must be completed for a regulatory request.
ITS Dashboard
Below is a real-time indicator of the availability of major Drake services.