Journalism/Law 3+3

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Get a jump on law school while you're still an undergraduate.

The journalism/law 3+3 program allows students to complete virtually all journalism and mass communication (SJMC) requirements in the first three years, including requirements for a specific undergraduate SJMC major. If admitted to the Drake University Law School, the student then counts Law School courses taken in the fourth year as the area of concentration required of all journalism majors. The fourth year also constitutes the student’s first year in Drake Law School.

Both the SJMC and Drake Law specialize in applied scholarship and a hands-on education. SJMC classes do work for off-campus business and nonprofit clients, and every year, close to 100 percent of SJMC graduates report having one or more internship during their undergraduate years. Similarly, Drake Law School offers clinics in areas of specialization such as family law, criminal law, constitutional law, legislative practice, agricultural law, and intellectual property that give students real-life legal experience.

Admission to the 3+3 program is by application to the dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Because of the rigorous nature of the program and the tight scheduling involved, admission is limited to exceptional and highly motivated students, based on high school GPA, test scores and an application letter. Students may apply to the program during their first semester on campus.


SJMC faculty are experienced professionals and leading academicians. The Drake Law School faculty includes experts in several fields of law, distinguished scholars and outstanding teachers.