Kinesiology in the News

Movement is a critical part of our lives, and kinesiology—the study of human movement—is a field of interest to individuals both in and out of the sciences. From optimizing performance for elite athletes to choosing the right shoe for youth soccer league, kinesiology is present in many facets of our active lives.

The following are recent examples of how kinesiology is featured in the popular press:

Runners Finding Middle Ground in Barefoot Debate 

How to Carb-Load for Marathon Week 

Nike Football Accelerates Innovation with 3D Printed “Concept Cleat” for Shuttle 

Prosthetic limbs offer hope for Boston Marathon bombing amputees 

Ankle Tape Can Be Sticky Situation in College Football 

The Protein Supplements Debate

Sports and Nations Still In Denial Over Doping Are the Real Scandal 

How the Ethics of Soccer Players Faking Injury Is Killing the Game


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March 10, 2017
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