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Creating and Maintaining a Robust Financial Services Compliance and Risk Management Program

Sept. 15-16, 2017
Cartwright Hall, Room 206

Session 1 Jeff Jungman
Creating and Maintaining a Robust Financial Services Compliance - Session 1 - full slides

Session 2 Gliha and Mansfield
Session 2 Gliha and Mansfield - full slides

Sesion 3 and 4 Gliha and Karch - full slides


Juvenile CINA Court - Fostering Teamwork Across Disciplines

September 8, 2017
Neal and Bea Smith Law Center

The Role of Process in CINA Cases-Baker
Best Practices - Baker
Family Handout - Baker

How to Get Paid for Indigent Defense Cases - Bushell and Swaim

Medicated Assisted Treatment

Parent Representation in Child Welfare-Witt
Representing Parents Handout - Hon. Colin J. Witt

Tech Startups: Navigating the Legal Maze

August 25, 2017
Neal and Bea Smith Law Center

Mobile App Issues-Goodhue

Website Agreements and Privacy Issues-Larson

Positioning your Company for Growth-Powers

Legal Issues in Coworking-Creedon

Founders Agreements-Kaspar
Founders Agreement Template - Kaspar

Drafting Skills for the Business Lawyer: From Contracts to Opinion Letters

April 14, 2017
Neal and Bea Smith Law Center

Business Law Agenda


Drafting Considerations from First Year Contracts - Mansfield
Fundamentals of Contract Drafting - Lowe and Vestal
Advanced Contract-Drafting Concepts - Lowe and Vestal
Drafting "Back of the Contract" - Walker
Special Drafting Considerations - Wilcox

2017 Drake Law Real Estate Transactions

March 24, 2017
Neal and Bea Smith Legal Clinic

Real Estate Agenda


Title Standard 1.1 - Gartin
Iowa Tax Sales - Augustine
ListServe Issues - Moore
IFA Programs - Peterson
Current Issues in Wind Energy - Law
Planned Unit Development Zoning Districts - Pose

Law School Events
October 20, 2017
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
October 24, 2017
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Law School News
October 6, 2017
Justin Driver, Harry N. Wyatt Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School, will deliver a lecture titled "Free Speech in Public Schools: From Black Armbands to BONG HiTS FOR JESUS" on Oct. 26.