Academic Awards

Each year, Drake Law School recognizes students for their outstanding academic achievements.

Order of the Coif

The Order of the Coif is a national law school scholastic honor society that encourages excellence in legal education. Drake Law School’s chapter of the Order of the Coif was chartered in 1951.

Each year, students who rank in the top 10 percent of the graduating class are selected for membership.

Members elected in 2016:

James D. Arnett
Amy Rachelle Beck
Erika L. Bertrand
Sean M. Callison
Lucas B. Draisey
Tyler J. Ernst
John Hardy
Christopher James Jessen
Laura C. McGuire
Alicia R. Nicoletto
Kayla L. Burkhiser Reynolds
Thomas Dillon Story

CALI Excellence for the Future Awards

The CALI Excellence for the Future Awards are given to students attaining the highest grade for selected courses leading to a J.D. degree.

Summer 2016

Mehdi Benlaala, Evidence
Maison Bleam, Election Law
Amanda Blome, Elements of Law
Jacob Dempsey, Criminal Law
Ian Lamb, Contract Drafting
Dillon Malone, Evidence
Nicholas McGahan, Election Law

Spring 2016

Caitlin Andersen, Patent Office Practice
Erica Bertrand, Employment Law
Jenna Bishop, Constitutional Litigation
Dawn Browning, Gaming Law; Immigration Law
Sean Callison, Conflict of Laws
Bailey Cavanaugh, Evidence
Zachary Clausen, Civil Procedure – Process of Litigation
Kylie Crawford, Federal Criminal Law
Erika Bertrand, Trial Advocacy
James Duff, Criminal Practice and Procedure I
Shannon Duval, Administrative Law – Health MJ
Tyler Ernst, Family Law
Amy Garver, Children & the Law
Shannon Holmberg, Products Liability
Jordan Hutchinson, Ethics
Jonathan Jansen, Business Planning
Christopher Jessen, Contract Drafting; Secured Transactions
Olivia Kilgore, Evidence
Christopher Kreuder, Federal Courts & Jurisdiction; Criminal Practice and Procedure I
Laura McGuire, Business Associations; Bankruptcy
Mackenzi Nash, Property
Mackenzie O'Brien, Constitutional Law I; Civil Procedure – Process of Litigation; Contracts II; Property
Dillon Malone, Contracts II
Jordan Pallesi, International Trade
Andrew Powers, Criminal Procedure II
Alexander Reid, Bar Preparation
Wendy Rima, Constitutional Law I
Danielle Scimeca, Torts Advanced Problems
Julia Steggerda-Corey, Constitutional Law I
Thomas Story, Criminal Procedure II
Tucker Levis, Environmental Practice
Alexis Warner, Wills & Trusts
Sterling Wilkins, Administrative Law

J-Term 2016

Kylie Crawford, Advanced Legal Research: Iowa Law

Fall 2015

James Becker, Mergers and Acquisitions
Erika Bertrand, Secured Transactions
Jenna Bishop, Constitutional Law II; Evidence; Legislation
Zachary Clausen, Civil Procedure Constitutional Framework; Torts
Kaitlyn DiMaria, Will Drafting
Natalie Ginty, Election Law; Insurance Law
Eric Green, Family Law
Levi Grove, Prosecution & Defense
Bryant Hickie, Torts
Christopher Jessen, Administrative Law; Business Associations; Criminal Procedure I
Richelle Johnson, Wills and Trusts
Olivia Kilgore, Constitutional Law II; Patent Law
Tucker Levis, Environmental Law
Christopher Little, Health Care & Ethics
Alicia Nicoletto, Federal Income Tax
Kelly Nuckolls, Agricultural Law – Introduction; International Agricultural Development & Law: Cuba
Mackenzie O'Brien, Civil Procedure Constitutional Framework; Criminal Law; Torts
Michael O'Hara, Workers Compensation
Wendy Rima, Civil Procedure Constitutional Framework; Criminal Law
Nancy Ruzicka, Health Care & Ethics (MJ)
Monika Sehic, Constitutional Law II
Tyler S. Smith, Legislation
Lucas Sterbick, Trial Advocacy
Thomas Story, Real Estate Transactions; Trademark and Copyright Law
Alexis Warner, Constitutional Law II

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Law School News
March 12, 2018
Drake Law School is pleased to announce alumni award winners. Karen Shaff, LW’79, was named the 2018 Alumna of the Year; Kristina Stanger, LW’05, was named the 2018 Recent Alumna of the Year; and Robert Oberbillig, LA'56, LW'58, received the Distinguished Public Service Award.