Incarcerated Parent Representation Program

In the Incarcerated Parent Representation Program, Drake Law students practice in juvenile court under the supervision of an experienced clinical professor.

The students represent incarcerated parents whose children are involved in Child In Need of Assistance (CINA) proceedings. Students gather facts, draft legal documents, advocate for their clients, and participate in court hearings, in addition to attending weekly classes and case reviews.

As part of the program, students and faculty collaborate with the judicial branch, state agencies, and community organizations to identify ways to decrease the significant impact on children of incarcerated parents.

Students and faculty also provide a wide variety of training to child welfare professionals, state agencies, and community organizations to facilitate efforts to support children and parents separated by incarceration.

Resources for Caretakers

Resources for Incarcerated Parents

Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Resources for Parent Attorneys

Resources for Transnational Families Separated by Deportation/Detainment

Faculty and Staff

Brent Pattison, Director of the Joan and Lyle Middleton Center for Children's Rights; Associate Clinical Professor
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Jami Hagemeier, Supervising Attorney

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