3+3 Program

In Drake Law School's 3+3 Program, you can earn your undergraduate degree and law degree in six years.

Qualified students can earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than the usual seven.

Through this program, students complete three years of full-time undergraduate study, use law school courses to meet the balance of required undergraduate credits, and receive their bachelor's degree after the first year of law school.

The first step in pursuing a 3+3 program is to contact both your academic advisor and the designated contact at your undergraduate institution (high school students should first contact the undergraduate admission offices of these institutions):

Drake University

Contact: Your individual academic advisor
Students are eligible for the program with majors from the following colleges/schools:

Learn more about the Drake University 3+3 Program.

Other institutions who have a 3+3 agreement with Drake Law School:

Clarke University

Contact: Norm Freund, professor      

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Contact: Dr. Howard Tyler, assistant dean for student services

Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Contact: Bruce Allen

Amy Slagell

Luther College

Contact: John Moeller, professor

Northwestern College (Iowa)

Contact: Dr. Dan Young

Simpson College

Contact: Mark Juffernbruch, professor

Learn more about the Simpson College 3+3 Pathway.

St. Cloud State University

Contact: Kathleen Uradnik, professor of political science

University of Dubuque

Contact: Dr. Ben Bartels, assistant professor of criminal justice

University of Northern Iowa

Contact: Scott Peters, associate professor of political science

University of Northern Iowa 3+3 Program Website

William Penn University

Contact: Dr. Noel C. Stahle

If you are at another undergraduate institution you can still use the 3+3 option. All that is required is for your undergraduate school to agree to use the credits you earn in your first year of law school to complete your undergraduate degree requirements.

How do I apply?

Students should discuss the 3+3 Program with their academic advisor at their undergraduate institution and with the Drake Law Assistant Dean of Admission Kara Blanchard (kara.blanchard@drake.edu, 515-271-2782).

Advisors will assist students to ensure their undergraduate degree requirements are met either during the first three years of full-time undergraduate study or during their first year of law school.

Participants will take the LSAT and then apply to Drake Law School during the fall of their third year. Participation in the 3+3 Program does not guarantee admission into the Law School.

Are scholarships available to 3+3 students?

Every student enrolled at Drake Law School through the 3+3 Program is guaranteed a scholarship of $5,000 per year. The award is automatically renewable for all three years of law school and may be combined with other scholarships up to full tuition.

Do I have to study a specific major in order to pursue a law degree?

No. One major does not give you an advantage over another. In fact, students are encouraged to study whatever they are interested in during their undergraduate program.

Any courses that are reading and writing intensive will be helpful to a future law student.

What if my plans change?

You may proceed with completing your undergraduate degree if you decide not to participate in the 3+3 Program or if you are not admitted into Drake Law School.

For more information, contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 515-271-2782 or law-admit@drake.edu.

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