Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Certificate

The Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolute Certificate is designed for students with an interest in trial advocacy and litigation.

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To receive certification in Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, students must earn 22 credits in accordance witih the requirements listed below.

If a student completes the Summer ILOTA Poverty Law Internship, the total number of credits required is reduced to 18.

Required Courses       

Conflict of Laws (3 credits)
Federal Courts and Jurisdiction (3 credits)

Advocacy Courses

Minimum of one course in each category:

   Pretrial Advocacy (3 credits)

     Mock Trial (National or AAJ) (3 credits)
     Trial Advocacy (3 credits)

     Appellate Advocacy Internship (3 credits)
     Honors Judicial Internship (6 credits)
     Moot Court – ABA Competition (2 credits)
     Moot Court – Environmental Law Competition (2 credits)
     Moot Court – IP Competition (2 credits)
     Moot Court – National Competition (2 credits)
     Moot Court Supreme Court Day Competition (2 credits)

Client Representation Experience

Minimum of one course:
Children’s Rights Clinic (4-6 credits)
Elder Law Clinic (4-6 credits)
General Civil Practice Clinic (4-6 credits) 
Juvenile Delinquency Clinic (4-6 credits)
Summer IOLTA Poverty Law Internship

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Minimum of 2 credits:
Legal Interviewing and Counseling (1-2 credits)
Mediation (2 credits)
Moot Court – Client Counseling (1 credit)
Moot Court – Negotiations (1 credit)
Negotiations (2 credits)

Advanced & Special Topic Courses

Minimum of 2 credits:
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Constitutional Litigation (2-3 credits)
Employment Discrimination Litigation (3 credits)
Environmental Practice (3 credits)
Intellecutual Property Litigation (3 credits)
Medical Malpractice (2 credits)
Moot Court - Arbitration (1 credit)
Products Liability (3 credits)
Scientific and Expert Evidence (2 credits)
Sports and Antitrust Law (3 credits)
Torts – Advanced Problems (3 credits)
Workers Compensation (2 credits)

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Laurie Doré, Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor of Law
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