Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Certificate

The Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Certificate builds on Drake Law School's long-standing committment to research and symposia in the areas of constitutional law.

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See Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Certificate Learning Outcomes.


To complete the Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Certificate, students must take 21 hours from the courses below.

Required Courses

Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
Constitutional Law II (3 credits)

Required Electives

Minimum of 9 credits (3 credits must come from the Practice Group, 3 credits must come from the Core Group, and the remaining credits can come from either group):

Practice Group Courses
Constitutional Litigation (2-3 credits)
Criminal Motions Practicum (3 credits)
Employment Law (3 credits)
Federal Courts and Jurisdiction (3 credits)

Core Group Courses
Advanced Constitutional Law & Interpretation (2 credits)
Comparative Constitutional Law (2-3 credits)
First Amendment Seminar (3 credits)
Race and the Law (2-3 credits)
Sexuality and the Law (3 credits)
Women and the Law (2 credits)

Advanced Writing

Students must fulfill their Advanced Writing Requirement in this area, either through one of the Required Courses or by doing an independent study.

Optional Electives

Minimum of 6 credits:
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Advanced Constitutional Law & Interpretation* (2 credits)
Children and the Law (3 credits)
Comparative Constitutional Law* (2-3 credits)
Constitutional Controversies (1 credit)
Constitutional Litigation* (2-3 credits)
Criminal Motions Practicum* (3 credits)
Criminal Practice/Procedure I (3 credits)
Education Law (2 credits)
Election Law (2 credits)
Employment Law (3 credits)
Federal Courts and Jurisdiction (3 credits)
First Amendment Seminar* (3 credits)
International Human Rights* (3 credits) 
Sexuality and the Law* (3 credits)
State and Local Government (3 credits)
Women and the Law* (2 credits)

*Advanced writing is available in this course.

Other Relevant Offerings

Credits may count when there is significant constitutional work involved, as determined by the program director.
Moot Court – National Competition (2 credits)
Children’s Rights Clinic (4-6 credits)
IOLTA Poverty Law Clinic (3 credits)
Criminal Defense Clinic (4-6 credits)

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Mark Kende, Director of the Constitutional Law Center; James Madison Chair in Constitutional Law; Professor of Law
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