Health Law Certificate

The Health Law Certificate is designed for students who wish to explore and practice in the areas of health law.

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Students may earn a Health Law Certificate by completing 18 credits from the criteria listed below:

Required Courses

Administrative Law (3 credits)
Health Care Business Law, Litigation & Compliance (3 credits)
Health Care Law & Ethics - Intro (3 credits)

Recommended Elective Course

Experiential Learning - internship as approved by program director (1-3 credits)

Other Elective Courses

Affordable Care Act (3 credits)
Antitrust (3 credits)
Business Associations (4 credits)
Children and the Law (3 credits)
Climate Law and Policy (3 credits)
Contract Drafting (2-3 credits)
Domestic Violence (3 credits)
Employment Law (3 credits)
Environmental Law (3 credits)
Food and the Law (3 credits)
Health Care Compliance (3 credits)
Individual Research (1-3 credits)
Insurance Law (3 credits)
Intellectual Property - Intro (3 credits)
Legislation (2 credits)
Mediation (1-2 credits)
Medical Malpractice (2 credits)
Megers and Acquisitions (3 credits)
Negotiations (2 credits)
Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Products Liability (3 credits)
Psychiatry and the Law (2 credits)
Sexuality and the Law (2 credits)
Sustainability and the Law (2 credits)
Workers Compensation (2 credits)
Other courses, including courses at CBPA, College of Pharmacy, and Des Moines University, may qualify with approval of the program director.

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Denise Hill, Director of the Health Law Program; Visiting Associate Professor of Law
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