Intellectual Property Law Certificate

The Intellectual Property Law Certificate explores issues in intellectual property such as copyright law, patent law, and trademark and unfair competition law.

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See Intellectual Property Law Certificate Learning Outcomes.


Students seeking to earn the Intellectual Property Law Certificate must take a combination of basic, advanced, and elective courses totaling at least 16 credits.

Students are also required to complete the Advanced Writing Requirement in the area of intellectual property, technology, or media law as well as the international course requirement as detailed below.

Basic Course Requirement

Minimum of two courses:
Intellectual Property - Intro (3 credits)
Copyright Law (3 credits)
Patent Law (3 credits)
Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (2-3 credits)

Advanced Course Requirement

Minimum of three courses:
Entertainment Law (3 credits)
Intellectual Property Licensing (2 credits)
Intellectual Property Litigation (3 credits)  
Internet Law (f/k/a - Law, Technology and Innovation) (2 credits)
Patent Office Practice (3 credits)

In lieu of an advanced course, students may take a third Basic Course that has not been used in that section.


Remaining credits, if needed, can come from any of the following elective courses:

Core Electives
Antitrust (3 credits)
First Amendment (3 credits)
Individual Research (intellectual property, technology, or media law) (1-3 credits)
Mass Media Law (3 credits)
Sports Law (3 credits)

Curriculum Enhancement
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Conflicts of Laws (3 credits)
Federal Courts and Jurisdiction (3 credits)
Global Cyber Law (1 credit)
Legislation (2 credits)

Experiential Training (no more than 2 credits)
Contract Drafting (2-3 credits)
Mediation (2 credits)
Negotiations (2 credits)
Entrepreneurial/Transactional Clinic (up to 2 credits)
Other relevant clinic or internship as approved by program director

Related Coursework (no more than 3 credits)
Must be approved by the program director (including coursework outside Drake Law School).

Advanced Writing Requirement

Students are required to complete a writing project focusing on a topic on intellectual property, technology, or media law.

Note: Regardless of whether this project has been used to fulfill the Advanced Writing Requirement, the project must meet the requisite standards of that requirement.

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Shontavia Johnson, Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law; Director of the Intellectual Property Law Center; Professor of Law
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