Required Courses

Drake Law School requires all students to take certain courses in addition to meeting other graduation requirements.

A student cannot withdraw or drop a required first-year course except in the case of a serious personal illness or accident, or death of a member of the student's immediate family, and then only with the permission of the associate dean.

For more information about each course, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

First Semester – Fall

100. Introduction to Law (0 credits)
102. Civil Procedure Constitutional Framework (3 credits)
104. Legal Research I (1 credit)
106. Legal Writing I (2 credits)
107. Torts (4 credits)
108. Criminal Law (3 credits)
109. Contracts I (2 credits)

Second Semester – Spring

101. First-Year Trial Practicum (0 credits)
103. Civil Procedure Process of Litigation (3 credits)
116. Legal Research II (1 credit)
105. Legal Writing II (2 credits)
110. Contracts II (3 credits)
111. Property (4 credits)
112. Constitutional Law I (3 credits)

Third Semester – Fall

115. Constitutional Law II (3 credits)

Third or Fourth Semester – Fall or Spring

113. Evidence (4 credits)
114. Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (3 credits)

Additional Requirements

Skills Requirement

Students who started before summer 2015 must take 2 credits of skills courses prior to graduation. Students who started in or after summer 2015 must take 6 credits of skills courses prior to graduation.

Advanced Writing Requirement

Each student is required to complete an Advanced Writing Requirement course prior to graduation. To earn credit for the Advanced Writing Requirement, a student must register for both the base course as well as the Advanced Writing course (i.e. International Human Rights LAW 310 and International Human Rights Advanced Writing LAW 310W).

A student may not count one course toward both the skills requirement and the advanced writing requirement (Handbook Rule 5.2.2)

Learn more about Drake Law School's graduation requirements.

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