LEAD International Capstones

International LEAD capstone experiences are available during the summer term in Belize and Tanzania. Information regarding the capstone experiences for 2016 are below.  Click the informational links to learn more about each site and project.  Please note, all prices are a flat fee.  LEAD and Drake offer a variety of scholarships for international experiences to assist with the cost of international capstone experiences.

Punta Gorda, Belize

Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE)

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) is a leading Belizean NGO working to protect some of the most pristine coastal and marine ecosystems in Central America, by putting local communities at the center of our conservation efforts. Ridge to Reef Expeditions was launched in 2014 to connect tourists, students, and volunteers to TIDE’s conservation work. There is huge potential for LEAD students to help the village strive towards economic sustainability and development. In 2015, the LEAD students Adam Graves and Danielle Day helped the village by creating marketing materials to promote the village, the restaurant, locally produced items, new guest houses, and tours such as coconut oil making. They also promoted Punta Negra in the village of Placencia, a popular tourist destination. Students interested in this program will either help expand on where Danielle and Adam left off, or will be able to choose their own task to complete. Punta Negra has an extensive business plan with a lot of opportunities to contribute to the village. 

Ridge to Reef Expeditions 2016 Information

Time frame: Monday, June 20th – Monday, August 15th

Cost: $7,150 for two students and $6,790 for three students (price is paid individually)

TIDE: http://www.tidebelize.org

Ridge to Reef: http://www.fromridgetoreef.com

Maya Mountain Cacao

Maya Mountain Cacao sources premium cacao (cocoa beans) from smallholder Belizean farmers for makers of fine chocolate products. Our model creates an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean and a growing source of income for farmers, while contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting sustainable organic agricultural practices in southern Belize. For LEAD students they are looking for a Data Analytics student and a grant writer to help with their company.

Also, Maya Mountain Cacao just released a non-profit segment of their organization over the past few months, NA’LU’UM CACAO INSTITUTE. They are looking for a student that would be interested to build a brand for it. That would include items like a website, logo, marketing material, etc.

Maya Mountain Cacao 2016 Information

Time frame: Monday, June 20th – Monday, August 15th

Cost: $5,150 per student, Maya Mountain Cacao 2016 Estimated Expenses

Maya Mountain Cacao: http://www.mayamountaincacao.com

NA’LU’UM CACAO INSTITUTE: http://www.naluumcacaoinstitute.org/about-us.html

Sustainable Harvest

Sustainable Harvest is an international non-profit that seeks to preserve the environment in Central America through partnerships with Mayan villages and families that improve individual well-being and sustainable, organic farming practices. Two summers ago, LEAD student, Colton Warren, helped Sustainable Harvest develop and present Leadership training for farmers and staff. Colton was able to use everything he has learned through Drake’s LEAD program and apply it to the leadership training sessions in several Mayan villages. Sustainable Harvest is very open to creating a working relationship to meet individual student interests and create projects that would benefit both sides!

Time frame: Monday, June 20th – Monday, August 15th

Cost: $5,650 per student

Website: http://www.sustainableharvest.org

Gonja, Tanzania

Empower Tanzania

Empower Tanzania works in partnership with rural Tanzanians to improve their quality of life. We address the underlying issues that hinder resiliency in rural areas, such as health care, education, agriculture practices, markets for products, and increasing water supply and quality.

The Improving Women’s Health Program meets an important need in rural communities where basic health education can result in improvements in the health of women and their families. Under the direction of our program manager, women representing each of the 26 Wards of the Same District have been hired and trained to deliver basic health education programs in their communities. With the active support of local government officials and church leaders, these 26 Community Health Educators use training videos produced in the States to present basic health information. The Improving Women’s Health Program will continue to provide educational seminars on such topics as Hand Washing, Nutrition, Malaria Prevention, Family Planning, HIV Prevention, and Reducing Gender-Based Violence.

Gonja 2016 Lutheran Hospital/DMU Information

Time frame: Monday, June 20th – Monday, August 1st

Cost: $5,000 - $5,400

Empower Tanzania: http://empowertz.org

Health for Life Program: http://empowertz.org/what-we-do/health-for-life/

Pemba Island, Tanzania

IRIS (Iowa Resource for International Services)

The island of Pemba known as “Al Jazeera Al Khadra” (the green island, in Arabic) is the northernmost island forming the Zanzibar archipelago.  It lies just off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The goal of the proposed project is to enhance STEM education at the secondary school level on Pemba Island. The work includes the improvement of the teaching and learning techniques of science subjects and their associated needs in four secondary schools in Pemba, in addition to examining resource deprivation and pedagogical factors affecting the teaching of various educational subjects in these schools.

Pemba Island 2016 Information

Pemba Island 2016 Service Learning Contract

Time frame: Monday, June 20th – Monday, August 1st

Cost: $5,400 + airfare, Pemba Island 2016 Estimated Expenses

IRIS: http://www.iris-center.org

World Learning Participant Training Program: http://www.iris-center.org/wlptp/