LEAD Ambassadors

The newly established LEAD Ambassador program was created by Junior Allie Quinn and Sophomore Raquel Rivera in May 2012. The role of the Ambassadors is to: help to spread the word about the Leadership Concentration, recruit future prospective LEAD students to take part in the LEAD introductory classes, serve as a representative for the concentration outside the classroom and connect with first years students through speaking in classes and other organizational meetings. The first LEAD Ambassadors were elected this August and include the following people:

Raquel Rivera

My name is Raquel Rivera and I am a sophomore Journalism major, with concentrations in human resources and leadership. I have a passion for leadership and I truly think it benefits everyone and anyone! I love intramural sports, I choose to watch football over Jersey Shore and I have a weakness for puppies. My dream is to become the director of global human resources for Nike and meet Larry Fitzgerald! I'm super outgoing and could talk to anyone for hours. 

But on a different note, leadership has helped me get jobs, meet amazing new people and really get involved at Drake. 

Contact: Raquel.rivera@drake.edu

Evelyn Tews

Hi, I'm Evy! I'm a Sophomore Sociology major with a concentration in Leadership. On campus I'm involved with Alpha Delta Pi, Habitat for Humanity, SAGE, and Ross Executive Council. I believe everyone is capable of becoming a leader, and leadership does not have to be limited to positions and titles. Let me know if you ever have any questions or just want to chat!

Contact: evelyn.tews@drake.edu

Katherine Clark

Hello!  My name is Katherine and I am currently a junior studying Environmental Art and Science (that’s a combination of Ecological studies and Visual arts such as drawing and painting). I recently completed a season a Park Guide for the National Park Service in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and am excited to be back at Drake to work on expanding my horizons even more. When not working on classwork, I enjoy cooking and baking with friends, doing art and craft projects, photographing all sorts of things, and reading and writing.

I never expected to find a school I fell in love with like I did Drake, and being in the LEAD program has shown me how closely all of our fields really are, even if we never sit in another class together besides these. I hope that you will join the LEAD program, and that if you have any questions you’ll let me know!

Contact: katherine.clark@drake.edu



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